Houston PD Accused of Framing 69 Cases

A District Attorney has filed a motion asking judges to start the process of having the convictions overturned

A disgraced former Houston Police Officer facing murder charges is suspected of having exploited his position to ensure the wrongful conviction of 69 people.

Gerald Goines was dismissed after he led a botched drug raid resulting in the death of a married couple in January 2019, ABC News reported.

Not only is the former officer facing murder charges as a result of the two deaths, but is now facing allegations that he has been framing individuals for more than a decade.

Houston District Attorney Kim Ogg said on Wednesday that a review of cases Mr Goines played a substantial role in, between 2008 and 2019, found 69 people who may have been convicted on false evidence presented by the then police officer, the report said.

Defence attorney Monique Sparks told ABC News she had maintained suspicions against the officer for a long time and alleged that she has received numerous complaints about Mr Goines’ behaviour.

The Houston police officer at the center of the botched drug raid has been shot twice before. The facts of one of those shootings changed dramatically in the days after it.

Senior Officer Gerald Goines, 54, was shot in 1992 and 1997.

In 1992, Houston police said Goines had just completed a narcotics transaction when he stopped to urinate on a tree. The homeowner, who was worried about burglars, walked outside and spoke to Goines. Moments later, police said at the time, he returned with a pistol. Goines was shot in the jaw.

In 1997, what was first believed to be a narcotics bust turned out to be a deadly case of road rage on the Southwest Freeway, according to police. Days after the shooting that left Goines injured and another man, Reginald Dorsey, dead, police said the two were competing for space on the freeway. Dorsey pulled out a gun. Both men fired. Goines was shot in the arm and abdomen.

Goines has been with HPD for 34 years. HPD Chief Art Acevedo says when he is released from the hospital after the latest shooting, he will be relieved of duty.

After spending Thanksgiving in federal lock-up, the former Houston police officer behind a January drug raid that left two homeowners dead was ordered released in December from federal custody.

The move comes a week after federal prosecutors argued ex-narcotics officer Gerald Goines could be a flight risk, and a magistrate judge delayed her decision on whether to keep the 55-year-old former case agent in custody or let him go.

Goines is charged with witness tampering, falsifying records and violating the rights of Rhogena Nicholas and Dennis Tuttle, the couple killed in the Jan. 28 raid on their home at 7815 Harding Street, in south Houston.

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