How my family has been terrorized

Texas public corruption is rampant in Leon County.  I will say this over and over, “You want to kill someone? You want to commit arson? How about raping children? You name the crime and you sure won’t get the time in Leon County, Texas.”  I will start off by sharing numerous things that have taken place in Leon County, and absolutely nothing has ever been done.  I will let you, the reader, decide if any charges should have been filed.

My story starts rather typical, I was married to Zack Orndorff with 3 boys.  I had my last son in 2007.  That same year, after he was a few months old, I opened my doors to a family member who was 14 and having issues with her parents.  So I brought her in with open arms, and treated her as if she was my own.  I started to notice little things that concerned me, but my husband, Zack Orndorff, always had a good answer for each occurrence.  One such example was the cell phone bill.  I noticed the 14-year old and my spouse were calling each other all hours of the night on a regular basis.  Zack was working nights, and he justified that they were developing a father daughter relationship, and there was nothing to worry about.  Another questionable situation involved my house key disappearing from my key ring.  I enjoyed going out with my girlfriends once a week.  Well I forgot some music I was going to bring so I went back to the house.  The doors were locked, and my housekey was missing off my keyring, which I had not removed and there was no way it had fallen off.  The house was locked and there was no way in.  My 3 boys and a 14-year-old girl were locked in with my husband, Zack, and no one would respond to me knocking.  I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I knew something was not right.  At that point, I knew Zack was having sexual relations with the 14-year-old.  I went to the police and they did not follow up on my concerns or on the report I filed.  Years later after I divorced this man, the 14-year-old broke down and told me he had raped her multiple times, but she was afraid to come forward.  She also admitted to being forced into a relationship with him as a minor.  I also reported this to the sheriff’s department, but they never followed up on my report.

Another incident involving Zack Orndorff happened after I had filed for divorce and had moved out.  He came to my home, kicked my door in, and as I was calling 911, interrupted the call and attempted to rape me.  Zack damaged many of my personal possessions, and then left.  I followed up with the sheriff’s department and the 911 call I had made, and the sheriff’s department never filed a report and followed up with me on the incident, and never charged him.

Well word got around in the small town of Centerville about everything that was transpiring between Zack and myself, and that’s when other victims started coming to me.  Underage, female victims and their parents came forward and told me they had also been to the sheriff’s department, filled out reports, and made statements that Zack had molested their daughters.  Once again, the sheriff’s department never filed charges, questioned Zack, or followed through with the numerous reports made.

A couple of years passed, and I was attempting to move on with my life and heal from the terror that Zack inflicted upon me and my loved ones.  Zack had remarried, and his new wife’s name was Eden Hulen.  I started to receive text message and phone calls stating someone was going to burn down my house!  Once again I went to the sheriff’s department and once again they did nothing.  I decided to go visit family in November and I received another call stating I no longer had a home, because it had caught fire.  Well the caller was right, my children and I lost everything we owned.  I immediately went to the sheriff’s department and begged for an investigation to take place.  The sheriff’s department refused to investigate any further, because the fire was an electrical fire that had started in a kitchen wall.  I found that immediately odd, because at the time, the power had been shut off to the house.  Power being shut off to residential properties is a documented event, but the police refused to look into it any further.  My children were scheduled to visit their father, and during the visit the boys heard their father, Zack, and his wife, Eden Hulen, bragging about how they had burned our home down, and how they stole everything of mine they wanted before they set fire to my home.  Then my children noticed furniture and personal items were in Zack’s house that had previously been in my home before the fire.  Once again, I called the sheriff’s department and filed a report and asked if they could get a search warrant, but the sheriff’s department refused.  Zack and his wife, Eden, also admitted to the arson while they were paying back taxes on the property.

Another incident involved Zack and Eden using the public library to make sexual service advertisements with my personal information on them.  The public library records everyone using their computer facilities, and have a sign in sheet showing the date, time and identification of Zack and Eden using their computers to make these advertisements.  The sheriff’s department refused to do anything about it.

In 2015, my son came home from his father’s house with choke marks around his neck and bruises all over his body.  My son admitted his father, Zack, became very drunk and tried to kill him.  I took my son to the emergency room, and they confirmed he had cracked ribs, and was nearly strangled to death.  Police were notified again with no response.  My remaining 2 children have come forward with abuse stories from their father, Zack.  One of my sons was thought to have autism spectrum disorder, but with the awareness of abuse coming into play, the doctors have now confirmed that my child does not have autism, but rather the symptoms are from years of abuse and being traumatized.

Under Zack’s care, my children have been severely mentally and physically abused.  They have been locked in closets, beaten, made to take cold showers, have been threatened, and starved.  The sheriff’s department have been notified and involved in these heinous acts, but have done absolutely nothing to help me in these matters.  I have contacted my Texas state representatives, the Texas Ranger’s office, sheriff’s department, City of Buffalo, and the attorney general, and no one has helped me in any capacity with these matters.  We have lost all faith in the justice system.  We live in constant fear.  I was denied a protective order but was told by the sheriff’s office and a detective that all the abuse my children endured would go before the grand jury in June or July.  We are entering September and the grand jury has still not heard my case.

Two weeks ago, we discovered Zack has moved back to this area, and immediately I started receiving harassing phone calls and texts, and he would drive by swerving and honking anytime he would see us.  Zack and his current girlfriend ran my husband and me off the road, and he attacked my husband with a metal pipe.  Zack beat him and cut his face and caused several other injuries.  After this incident, I finally was granted a protective order.  After this incident, we received a citation and we were not allowed to give a statement.   Zack also received a citation for the felony assault.  My husband and I were not allowed to file charges against Zack, and we received 3 months probation for being attacked.

Zack has never been behind bars for the crimes he has committed against me and my children.  Zack appears to be untouchable.   I have never received victim services, relocation assistance, a police report number, or even a call back from the detectives and sheriff’s department on these cases.   We fear for our lives, and our justice system is not protecting us.  Why does Leon County feel the need to protect Zack from prosecution?  What does he know?  What does he do for them to qualify for freedom from prosecution?  How many more citizens must endure pain, suffering, abuse, and being murdered for someone to notice and take action?  My life and my children’s lives are at stake, and no one is listening to our pleas.

This last week Zack was indicted by a grand jury in Leon County. Within 24 hours we began to receive threats via text, telephone and social media. We will endure, survive and over come.

Krystal Pate Bilodeau



***********  update **********

Zach was indicted last week by a Leon County Grand Jury at long last

Eden was released from probation in Madison County for Terroristic Threat

After submitting this letter for publication along with emails, text messages, copy of various reports and audio messages left to me by various people mentioned in my letter. I received over 16 hours of threatening messages, phone calls and emails. Each appears to have been sent from the same people. They also did the same treatment on my parents, my husband, family members, friends and anyone they think is connected to me. One of them actually messaged a Democratic Candidate for Congress on messenger who had liked the post. He contacted the website about it. Maybe with all the attention and they’re tireless efforts something can be done at long last.


our home after it was burned


I contacted the lender


I contacted my state representative Trent Asby

Linda Parker works for him


Threats from them


Threats to my mother


Threats to me

Eden with an assault rifle when on probation and said she was going to kill me and my children


Christmas 2017 in Leon County Texas

During the last Holidays my husband and kids all went to my parents in the Buffalo area. While leaving my ex husband Zach saw us and literally ran our vehicle off the road and assaulted me husband. Zach hit him first several times and he had difficulty defending himself from the shock and being struck with a metal object in Zach’s hand used like one would “brass knuckles.”

immediately after at the hospital


the weapon used



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