How we stopped Illegal Votes from China in Texas

by Major Dilbert  Texas Militia

Recent Past Events


  • Left-wing insurrectionists will continue to ramp up their riots, resorting to increasingly violent and escalated attacks on law enforcement, federal buildings and conservative groups such as Proud Boys.
  • These attacks will almost exclusively take place in blue cities, in blue counties, in blue states. That’s because Democrats allow and even encourage these riots, while Republicans tend to shut them down with police action. Recent attempts by left-wing rioters to stage large events in red states (such as Texas) have been quickly shut down, and both Antifa and BLM terrorist organizations only have legal protection for their acts in areas where left-wing DAs will refuse to charge them with crimes.
  • Notably, a new surge of riots and violence will now take place due to the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the infanticide advocate who was a hero of the bloodthirsty Left because she protected their “right” to murder their own babies without legal consequences. As child murder is a core value of the demon-worshiping Left, they are infuriated over the thought that a foe of unlimited abortion might be appointed to the court.
  • We anticipate pro-abortion rioters and left-wing anarchists will specifically target the homes of GOP Senators, rioting outside their homes and threatening violence against them if they do not agree to delay any vote on a new Supreme Court justice until after January 20th. These riots have already begun against McConnell, but will expand to many other senators.
  • Importantly, President Trump will not take aggressive law enforcement action against terrorist uprisings before the election. Rules of Engagement with rioters will continue to be relatively passive, allowing rioters to escalate their tactics without much of a response from federal law enforcement. All this will change after the election (see below), but until then, America is going to have to endure 40+ days of chaos, arson, violence and illegal rebellion activity that will target Trump supporters, law enforcement, Christians and conservatives.
  • During this time, the US Senate will likely hold hearings for a new SCOTUS nominee but will not hold a vote before the election. The reason for this comes down to vulnerable Senate seats, where GOP members in tight races might be unable to hold their seats if they are forced to vote on a new SCOTUS nominee before the election.
  • The stock market will continue to trend upward during this time due to relentless money printing by the federal reserve. They will pull out all the stops to keep the markets going, even if it means directly purchasing equities. There will be a huge price to pay for all this money printing later, of course…

Lets jump to what just happened-

George Soros and his organization in league with others has factories set up in China early into Donald Trumps Presidency.  These factories manufactured BALLOTS for the United States

Careful scrutiny of Registered Legal American Voters was compromised.  In the past 3 years you may recall hearing or reading about a “Data-Breach”  An event in which sensitive information regarding people was compromised to unknown entity’s.  These were intentional in order to obtain complete information in order to manufacture YOUR VOTING BALLOT.

There were hundreds of data breaches reported in the last 3 years.  This information was compiled to make VOTES for this election in China!

Next came the Census.  That was a verification of correct date and a window to toss out any ballots of people who had died.

Before this was kicked off in full throttle there was of course the CHINA VIRUS, popularly known as Covid-19.

Yes manufactured at a Chinese Germ Warfare Lab with funding from George Soros.  This was intended to weaken the nation.

It is much easier to kick your opponent when they are down.


Next step was to actually get the ballots to the USA.  For that George Soros, the Director of SPECTRE created a daring plan.  First it was necessary to meet with heads of various National Organizations as well as some Foreign Leaders.

One of the greatest risks would be the US Navy and then the US Coast Guard.

Special cargo ships were selected and immediately set out to pre determined locations where containers with the Chinese Manufactured Illegal Ballots were unloaded and reloaded onto another naval vessel.

These other ships then set sail for another port closer to the United States where they then unloaded specific containers onto another waiting ship which then set course for another destination yet closer to the USA.

Getting Closer

As the various ships made for the US Coast on 3 fronts things really looked grim.  SPECTRE appeared to orchestrating a soft coup.

Ships were into ports Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.  The west was completely compromised.

On the east coat the entire northern seaboard appeared to almost compromised when stark Cuban Americans rose up under the leadership of Rubio in Florida and resisted and stopped the illegal votes from Florida to South Carolina.

What about those cargo ships carrying illegal ballots into the Gulf of Mexico?


The Texas Naval Militia and Texas Navy and Texas Naval Guard combined their meager resources making a bold move to stop the SPECTRE frigates.  Dozens of vessels from party boats, fishing boats, antiquated naval vessels and some meager aviation machines took to the sky’s in a patriotic gesture to maintain American Democracy!

Hundred of Trump Loyalists from numerous militias, churches and mental institutions took the water.  What many do not know is that these frigates were armed!  They had small but very modern weaponry.  Naval Battles sang throughout the warm gulf waters.  There were casualties.  Many Trumpian Heroes lie at the bottom of that warm but murky body of water bordering the Southeastern United States.

The ships of SPECTRE regrouped deep in the Gulf were are small flotillas could not reach.  Creating a vanguard they pressed forward for Southern Texas near the Mexican Border.  There were few coastal watchers within the Laguna Madre.  The precious few skilled aviators we had could barely penetrate that area to try and observe where they would try to make landfall.

LUCKY BREAK or was it God?

14 year old Delbert Penwhistle was honing his skills as a recon scout with the Phenix Militia Group when he picked up a glare in his thrift binoculars.  Closing watching as the occasional glare became bumps on the horizon and then turning into several bumps.  He quickly radioed on his vintage Veitnam War Era radio and called in all available forced.


Texas Militia and Texas Guard Forces were able to converge onto the area in rapid time.  Then deploy along the beaches to thwart any potential illegal ballot vote invasion.  Small vessels motored at record breaking speeds risking life’s and boats in order to stop the invasion in time.


The fast moving of our forces in the field allowed us to quickly counter the invasion threat to our democracy.  Unfortunately not all the enemy ships were sunk.  The surviving ships that never came into shallow waters fled to Mexico where SPECTRE through George Soros was able to come to an agreement for them to unload.  Then those illegal ballots votes were flown by low level aircraft into the USA to key places in Arizona and Nevada.


The rest you already know.   It was a good fight and by no means were we defeated.  The few, led by the brave in the face of overwhelming numbers prevailed.  Now we must hunker down, regroup, adapt, improvise and survive.







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