Is District Attorney Bob Wortham using his office to punish political enemies?

by Wayne Dolfecino

“I will do anything legally to expose them and I will not stop until they are exposed,” said David Bellow.

If you live in southeast Texas, chances are you’ve heard about David Bellow.

He has run for Hardin County Judge. He lost, and even though he’s not a lawyer, he tried to run against the powerful Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham, accusing him during the campaign of corruption. He lost again.

In other words, David Mellow has made himself some powerful political enemies in those parts.

“They do not want anybody out there, any news media, any source whatsoever saying anything negative about them,” said Layne Walker, attorney for Bellow. “They do not want the truth revealed.”

Bellow’s also made the news for a different reason. He was busted not one, not twice, but three times by the Jefferson County DA.

Is this a case of Jefferson County justice, or is this just the way they try to shut up political troublemakers in Beaumont?

“My end goal is to get the truth to the public about corruption,” said Bellow.

The criminal trouble really started when Bellow was going through a nasty divorce and was battling for custody of his son.

“I sold my house. I went bankrupt. I spent every penny I had fighting for my son,” said Bellow. “That’s really what I was fighting for, my son.”

There were controversial court records. A search warrant in the Bellow stalking case and a probable cause affidavit were both written and signed by Marcelo Molfino. He’s a criminal investigator for the DA’s office.

“Marcelo Molfino has no business working in that DA’s office or any DA’s office or law enforcement anywhere,” said Walker.

Molfino helped engineer the prosecution of David Bellow, but he was also on the payroll of Bellow’s wife.  

Molfino is a manager of a company called Cell Forensics. He had been paid $1,500 to help dig up dirt on David Bellow. He even admitted it under oath.

“He personally filed the affidavit to have me charged and arrested for perjury,” said Bellow. “After he had taken thousands of dollars from my ex-wife.”

Bellow has been trying ever since to get the DA’s office exposed.

“I want the facts shown, because anybody who sees the facts in this case are blown away,” said Bellow.

Jefferson County employment rules say that “secondary employment is a privilege.”

There is nothing in Molfino’s personnel files showing any written approval for what he was doing. So why was he then allowed to go after Bellow in his DA job after taking money from Bellow’s wife.

DA Bob Wortham knew that David Bellow had filed complaints on Molfino for his double dipping. But the complaint is missing too.

“I have never seen one man so involved in so many personal vendettas,” said Walker. “He is the hitman for our local district attorney.”

“This is a long list of people who have paid him, which he turned around and used his power as a prosecutor-investigator to charge people,” said Bellow.

All the previous charges against Bellow have been dismissed, but it is the way that the last charge got dismissed that screams for an outside investigation.

Bellow was accused of putting a tracker on his ex-wife’s car. There were negotiations on a plea deal but check out this text message sent from an assistant DA sent to Bellow’s lawyer.

It read, “Mr. Bellow has purchased two web domains and Bob wants those given up.” had given Bellow an internet platform to cause political trouble.

“I was using that website to promote the issues of corruption within Bob Wortham’s office,” said Bellow.

Bellow took a deal that would let him escape a conviction. But he says he did it for reason. He told Dolcefino Consulting he did it to set them up.

That’s why Bellow wanted proof he was actually selling the web domain to the DA himself. He asked the representative of domain website for proof and here was the response.

“The buyer is familiar with the situation and is who you are requesting to purchase this domain.”

Today, is no longer a political threat. It’s not even being used, and the DA is silent on what’s happened here.

“It shows that this whole prosecution against me was for the purpose of squelching free speech,” said Bellow.

Former judge Layne Walker once faced criminal prosecution himself in Jefferson County, and the list of politicians accused of wrongdoing is pretty long.

“There has not been an office anywhere in this state that has been more abused going after their political enemies than this particular office,” said Walker. “You cannot use the power of the District Attorney’s office to silence people.”

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