Retired State of Texas Appeals Court Justice Felipe Reyna, he and who knows who else harassed people for over a year, four different people went to Sheriff McNamara with four different phones and some texts pointing directly at one Felipe Reyna.

felipe mason

SO, twelve people can get telephone calls in Waco, including lawyers, bail bondsmen, plain folk, and the elderly from who it seems is Felipe Reyna, people are freaked out and Sheriff saves Felipe from himself all Summer long. The other calls and threats are deemed “spoofing” and I realize now that we didn’t have certain buzz words involved that gets the Sheriff’s attention.


Have at, I have no problem with it, I do, however with the FACT that Felipe called people for months and Sheriff didn’t do a thing. All manner of phone crazy went on and Sheriff Judge N. Jury decided it was “spoofing”, even though four victims didn’t think so and it isn’t our fault Felipe cares more about writing about his scooter than little kids, no one wants to hear from him. It’s creepy.

He consistently keeps sending African American Amputee Porn pictures to a small group of folks here. Why?  Are they supposed to be frightened? Freaked out?  Everyone blocks his messages now as best they can.

There are hundreds of the messages, here are only four.

These have been altered if anyone wants to see the real ones, let me know



Baylor Graduate,  about the same age as the Sheriff, father of Abel, sore loser, sucked up to by people who KNOW he’s under investigation.  Oh,  just gag me with a spoon.

Is everyone just nuts?

No,  there is no boys club.  The shit you here about the Masonic Brotherhood is just crazy conspiracy theories.  Parnell McNamara wouldn’t let Felipe Reyna call and harass people,  no,  he wouldn’t.  He wouldn’t go to a parade and make sure Felipe didn’t get into trouble but not tell Felipe to KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF.


Felipe Reyna award

tombstone text
Felipe Reyna was presented the Community Builder Award by the M. Denton Stanford Lodge in Lorena.
Retired 10th Court of Appeals Judge Felipe Reyna was honored by M. Denton Stanford Lodge No. 594 A.F. & A.M. in Lorena with its Community Builder Award.

The award acknowledges non-Masons who have distinguished themselves through their service to the community, to local, state or national government, to their church or synagogue, or to humanity.

Reyna’s brother, Phil, and his son, Daniel, are Masons.

Although Reyna is not a Mason, he said he has always admired the work that Masons do.

One story that has stuck with him was that Gen. Sam Houston reportedly spared the life of Mexican Gen. Santa Anna after his capture at the Battle of San Jacinto because Santa Anna displayed the Masonic sign of distress.

Houston was a well-known Mason, though there is some dispute that the Texas general would have seen such a sign from Santa Anna.

 You can’t make this up meets everyone here is related by fking

Fact:  Sheriff Parnell McNamara has a cousin who works for him,  David Johnson.                         David is the son of former County Clerk,  Joe Johnson.  David Johnson is the                           Sheriff’s Department I.T guy.  David Johnson is also a member of the Lorena                        Masonic lodge that gave Felipe the recent award.

Fact:  Three people have gone to Sheriff McNamara and then to David Johnson with                     and messages and actual records of phone calls from “Reyna Wholesale Beads”                   and other places where it would seem a drunk,  former Appellate Court Judge is                 basically “jacking with folks”  he doesn’t like and threatening them.  Judge Reyna                 has also called and reported people “forking his scooter and doing wheelies” in his             yard.  The first person who reported phone harassment reported it March 26th. of             last year.  

Fact:  Felipe Reyna has no business drunk calling people with his friends.  False reports              about damage to his property, and other crazy shit when/if he’s drinking.  Notice                that otherwise,  he gets quoted practically weekly as the “sage” he thinks he is                      when he shows you that nothing is going to happen to him.

Fact:  Dumbshit Felipe Reyna called me,  yes,  I have the number saved and did turn it in             to the Sheriff’s department last August along with a written threat from Sheriff’s                 girlfriend,  Sherre Johnston,  yes,  the one with the shed burglary, drunk at jail,                   pills up cooch,  no charges.  Look it up.

Question:  Is Sheriff’s Department Officer David Johnson busy?  Inept?  Not doing his job,  sure seems like the S.O could find out who was calling who with bribes, Magic Jack, and hundreds of calls of crazy,  threatening harassment.

Question:  Or is Sheriff making sure his buddy,  Felipe is protected and is NOT allowing David Johnson to do his job.  Incidentally,  Felipe Reyna’s neighbor is one Sherre Johnston,  yep right down the road.

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