Joe Bell Killed Johnnie Allbritton

Joe Bell Killed Johnnie Allbritton & everyone in Leon County Judicial knows it

When sheriff’s deputies found Johnnie Allbritton on May 14, 1984, the 64-year-old had been shot twice in the chest and three times in the back with a 20-gauge shotgun he owned. The World War II veteran and proprietor of a local grocery store lay dead near the back patio of his home off Highway 75 in rural East Texas.

Police soon landed on a theory, the local Buffalo Express reported: Allbritton had surprised a burglar, who, like most in this small community, knew him personally. So the intruder had hastily killed him to avoid identification and then fled.

For decades, that theory held, despite some incongruous details.

Why had police found only his family members’ fingerprints in the house, as his daughter noted to the Express? And why were there no signs of a break-in?

Then, there was the odd fact that when police later tried to bring in Allbritton’s wife, Norma, for a polygraph test, she accidentally shot herself with another shotgun — dodging the interview.

That was because then Sheriff, Royce Wilson was part of the clique.  The Allbritton store had been used for money laundering for years as well a few other things.  Norma Allbritton had been skimming money for years and giving it to her son from another marriage.  When it was discovered by organize crime folks she was quick to blame her husband and not herself.

Joe Bell the local Leon County enforcer was sent to deal with it.  He also slept with Norma on occasion.

More than 35 years later, police now say Norma Allbritton had good reason to try to avoid scrutiny. On Tuesday, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office announced that the 84-year-old had been arrested and charged with her husband’s decades-old murder — thanks to new evidence turned up by a cold-case reality show.

“This is not a Lifetime movie. The devil has many disguises. We are dealing with pure evil in disguise,” wrote Julie Allbritton Robinson, Johnnie’s daughter, in a Facebook post on Tuesday. “Believe me when I say I appreciate all the hard work of the investigators and the cooperation of those who had knowledge and willing to share it.”

Norma was one wicked bitch in her day, that’s certain.  However they know very well that Joe Bell was the one who killed Johnnie.  The current Sheriff is married to Joe Bells great niece.  Her daddy who was on the “Cold Justice” segment talking about Norma’s son missing work the day of the murder etc. knows very well his uncle Joe is the one who killed Johnnie.  

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Joe Bell & Norma Allbritton were definitely evil. 

The others are just poisonous snakes.

If folks actually knew how many bodies ended up in places like this from the 1950s to early 1980s 

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