A popular Texas-based internet preacher, dubbed by many of his female followers as “Jesus in the flesh,” has been caught up in a sex tape scandal with two women who are not his wife.

According to the Christian Post, media personality Larry Reid, first reported on his show last Wednesday that he was sent the explicit recordings of “prophet” Joshua Holmes. The recordings have also been shared on Twitter and YouTube.

“This is a sex tape. This is a sexual escapade captured on the phone,” Reid told his audience about the recordings.

Holmes is described as “a flamboyant young minister” who claims to have the gift of healing and granting “money miracles”.

“For all you haters if you don’t know Prophet Joshua Holmes you ain’t got the Holy Spirit. That’s all I gotta say,” a female fan said in a viral video on Facebook. “He is changing lives every day. He is Jesus in the flesh. He is very tangible. He’s got the power of God on him.”

Holmes certainly has his fair share of critics, many accuse the married father of being a fraud and a womanizer.

But that’s not stopping him from posting videos teaching his followers how to “never commit another sin.”

“I’m talking about entertaining God, the prophet and the angels. If you understand these three realms, you’ll never be broke, you’ll never have another sin that you commit in your life. You’ll never commit another sin if you learn this,” he said in a recent video posted on Periscope.

“Over 95 percent of what Jesus would tell you to do is not for you … everything that the Holy Spirit is speaking to you is for someone else. He not talking to you about you and when you get into you that’s why you invite the demon of depression. That’s why you invite the demon of self-centeredness. That’s why you become wicked. That’s why you become evil. Whenever you start speaking or you start focusing on you. That’s when you fall into error. That’s when you fall into deception because it becomes about you and God don’t want it in that vein,” he said.

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