Judge Janis Jack Loses Faith In Texas Rangers, Seeks Federal Investigation- Reform Austin

As we wave goodbye to Scaramucci the inventor of crime with no follow through, we see that instead of going to Ukraine to protect their virgins, he should perhaps go to Bastrop where the Rangers did an “investigation” and now Judge Janis Jack has called in the Feds to investigate THE RANGERS.

We are so obsessed with human trafficking in this town, it’s unreal. It’s nuts and like everything else about Parnell McNamara, it’s fake. The cases here were bullshit and just because Parnell can’t tell a twenty six year old Asian girl from a twelve year old one even when she’s screaming and waving her passport while the cameras record them putting her into custody, the county gets to keep on paying.

All this to keep the husbands of Waco in line, No jacking off at the Asian places for you naughty boys, you’re going to have to go after other men’s wives and their pink panties like Parnell or just pass around a Badge Bunny or two at the Fair. The rest of you will just have to do it by hand, lie in the sand and think of the money you save cause you ain’t geting any.

I love it that the biggest adulterer in the entire city, Parnell McNamara, is in charge of Sex Trafficking.

While we wait for him to get his sweetie out of jail because she’s either bankrupted or buried her other guys, who used to get Miss Special out of jail, now it falls on Par. Well, he fired the guy wh arrested her a man can only do so much.

Enjoy having your houses seized by Your County For Life after they piss off your money and you don’t complain.

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