Jury Stacking in East Texas

Scientific jury selection, often abbreviated SJS, is the use of social science techniques and expertise to choose favorable juries during a criminal or civil trial. Scientific jury selection is used during the jury selection phase of the trial, during which lawyers have the opportunity to question jurors. It almost always entails an expert’s assistance in the attorney‘s use of peremptory challenges—the right to reject a certain number of potential jurors without stating a reason—during jury selection. The practice is currently confined to the American legal system.

A guy name Terry Watkins was put on death row for the murder of Jackie Hicks, after his widow killed and run off with the constable first on the scene. Charles Holcomb used the insurance money to hire an investigator that later testified for Watkin’s release. Beckworth was left to clean up the mess and retaliate against anybody who exposed what was going on, with Bentley calling the shots.

Over the years some folks have realized why the local child molesters were given leniency, i.e.  adjudicated probation, and why Bentley’s signature was  easily used to get sex registered offenders off probation.Very simply, they are Elmer Beckworth’s jury pool and Judge Bascom Bentley approved.  Beckworth, unlike his predecessors and to his credit, doesn’t give a damn what people think about him.  He isn’t interested in winning people over, he just stacks the juries to win cases.Charles Holcomb and Elmer’s other predecessor would have a couple of their buddies on the jury, but wanted to at least convince others on the jury who were outside their network.  Beckworth has all 12 jurors and the grand jury coming from a pool of about 30 people he can depend on- some of which are registered sex offenders who do what they are told.

District Attorney Elmer Beckworth, among other Cherokee County officials, is a Defendant in the Robert Fox federal civil rights lawsuit filed in Marshall, TX (Source: Fox v. City of Jacksonville, Texas et al Case No. 2:2010cv00158 TX Eastern District). Elmer Beckworth is criminally prosecuting Fox in Cherokee County for filing the civil rights complaint. Beckworth refused to recuse himself early this year after he brought Robert Fox to trial under a bogus “tampering with a government record” charge in retaliation for Fox’s Notice To Sue against Beckworth personally, the sheriff’s department and the city of Jacksonville. And even though Sheriff James Campbell is also named as a Defendant in Fox’s lawsuit, Campbell’s own son-in-law sat as a juror in Elmer Beckworth’s “tampering with a government record” trial against Fox. Not to mention Campbell’s son-in-law’s apparent noncompliance with mandatory full disclosure to the court of any possible bias he might have toward Fox for naming his father-in-law as a Defendant in the federal civil rights case. As usual, the Cherokee County district court ignores the district attorney’s patent conflict of interest of empaneling jurists who lie about their association with a case in order to be seated at trial. Moreover, the DA himself is a federal Defendant responding to Fox’s civil rights suit.

Cherokee County has criminalized the filing of mere “paperwork” in the federal court system.

A mistrial was declared after tens of thousands of dollars of Cherokee County taxpayer money was spent stacking Fox’s jury with relatives of those he intends to sue. In yet another example of Cherokee County’s consummate waste of tax dollars, Beckworth has filed for another trial in March 2012, one year after the original mistrial and after the fall midterm elections. The district attorney’s goal is not just to convince his next handpicked jury an actual crime had been committed, because no crime ever took place. For solidarity’s sake, Elmer Beckworth must prove the Good Ol’ Boy network draining Cherokee County dry is above accountability. Robert Fox’s lawsuit among other things is in response to being held in the Cherokee County jail under bail set unconstitutionally high for 9 months and then being called a “federal fugitive” after being released on bond.

Nip it in the bud

In Leon County Whitney Smith a former District Attorney refused to consider a case involving any of his associates. One was a welder named Gerald Willhelm who forged his dead wife’s will.  He may have even killed her or been a part of a group that killed her.  When Whitney resigned the new DA Hope Knight grudgingly ran the case by the Grand Jury. They had a report from the best pathologist in the United States indicating murder. They had a forged will and a handwriting analysis.  The Texas Ranger curiously sent the documents in question to the DPS Lab but failed to send any handwriting samples and never took any.  Even when he questioned Gerald Willhelm.  Why not? The same reason he was unwilling to have an investigation into Charles Cadenhead. 
What is a Grand Jury
Prior to 2015, grand juries were chosen by “jury commissioner” appointed by district court judges. This process was known as the “pick-a-pal” system. The law changed in September 2015 and now grand jurors are selected in a random fashion, akin to the trial jury selection system. The jury pool is taken from registered voters in the county in which the court presides. Prospective jurors cannot have been convicted of any felony offense or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude (like theft). They must also not have any criminal charges pending against them.
This specific grand jury was held the last month of the last year that local officials could hand pick a grand jury.  Little wonder they voted to No Bill the case.  Soon afterwards that Texas Ranger became president of the local school board.
In the Leon County JP Court word is a cool $10k will get you a Leon County Play complete with script.  The jurors will listen in boredom and vote the way they are paid too.  
Prior to 2015 Leon and Madison County liked to maintain 2 Grand Jury pools.  One of them even received a monthly check.  They were listed as a county employee.  The other pool was not paid.  If for example someone on the Interstate 45 was operating a vehicle under the influence and it was a felony or maybe they killed someone in the vehicle the “unpaid pool” would be assembled.  This pool was comprised of church deacons and other good local folk.  If an investigation say from Austin looking into a road commissioner and that elected officials “tire business or construction company” the other paid pool was used.  For more information on how that was done speak to a commissioner there.
In typical East Texas unaccountably, the US Eastern District recently dismissed Robert Fox’s civil suit against the city of Jacksonville, TX. Apparently in the minds of federal justices from the Eastern District, their hometowns’ corrupt law enforcement and rogue prosecutors are off limits. Even when they kidnap, rape and torture women at gunpoint on the side of the road and drag them off into cemeteries. Or kick down the doors of law-abiding citizens. All trumped up charges against Robert Fox such as hording drugs, barratry, etc. were formally dismissed, yet Cherokee County’s district attorney continued to press forward to trial. The “tampering with a government record” charge was concocted to load up the Cherokee County court docket (which is exactly what the district attorney accuses Robert Fox of doing) after all charges against Fox were dismissed. Fox will be put on trial yet again for filing an “Intent to Sue” document in Smith County after his property was illegally raided and he was deprived of due process.
Robert Fox’s suit against Elmer Beckworthet al is pending in the US District Court. Meanwhile, the cities of Wells, Texas and Alto, Texas have lost their police departments as revenue has been sucked up to county seat level to protect the sheriff’s department and district attorney’s office from civil rights suits. Cherokee County’s cabal is in full motion to criminalize federal civil rights suits against them.

For decades, innocent people have been framed by these so-called justice authorities for crimes perpetrated in collusion with dirty local law enforcement. Radio personality Randy Kelton was charged by Beckworth’s team in May 2009 for operating a detective agency without a license simply for speaking in Fox’s defense to the Cherokee County grand jury. It doesn’t matter to the district attorney that a defense witness doesn’t have to have a license to be an investigative journalist.

Would you like your door kicked in in the middle of the night by sheriff deputies because you filed a complaint with the FBI? Do you like the thought of backwoods law enforcement snooping through your mail and listening to personal phone calls?  Would you like your neighbors to be paid to watch your every move so your property can be violated while you’re out of town? Do you want to live in a county where known pedophiles, wife-beaters and drunk drivers are called to serve on jury duty so prosecutors can extort them to ensure their vote? Citizens outside of the region should understand the depth and breadth of this type of illegal activity that the US Eastern District is made aware of every year through civil rights suits. Unfortunately their pattern is to summarily dismiss, with pure homegrown Good Ol’ Boy bias, cases against their counterparts at the State level.

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