Well, grand. Now Kristi DeCluitt has come out swinging saying that Susan Kelly threw a fit on the bench.

Kristi is an EMPLOYEE of the County, she is an EMPLOYEE of the DA’s office, and her post went wild like a California wildfire this morning and should NEVER have been there.

What the hell is wrong with these little pampered, petted, and over educated young prosecutors? You do not take sides against other elected officials without your boss’ permission, and I guarantee you Barry Johnson had a surprise in his coffee this morning.

Judges throw fits.

Ask the older lawyers about Judge Lucius Bunton, Federal Court, he’d berate the attorneys, the defendant, AND when he got tired of someone, he actually shot them with water from a water pistol.

Grow the hell up. Barry Johnson wants to get along with other county officials, it’s the nature of the office, NOW, we have Kristi coming out after she lost her bid AGAINST Susan with the appointment.

Time to face a big fact, not my fact, I don’t care, but Kristi, people got mad at you when you were JP, they say you would not come and pronounce, the cops say it too and that has gone around. You drag your feet getting out of bed to go on a death, people will get angry. Sitting around with a corpse waiting is not done, BUT, Kristi did, over and over again.

Hopefully, this morning at the DA’s office Barry Johnson, who is just too nice needs to tell the County Employees that they are just that.

The Citizens of McLennan County will decide if they want a Judge that throws a hissy fit or can’t contain her ANGER, this is just obvious.

Grow the hell up.

This is not done.

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