Leon County Survivor Speaks Out

by Samantha

On September 6, 2021, I was brutally assaulted by Chris Glick as he was coming down off of illegal narcotics combined with a half a gallon of Vodka. I contacted Molly Glick and told her to talk some sense into her son as he had just beat me on camera. I didn’t want to have him arrested but I would if he continued. After giving him time to cool down I returned, and the second round of the assault began. With Molly on speaker Chris tackled me through our 18 months old daughter’s bedroom door breaking it off the hinges. He then picked me up by my arms and slammed my head into Saras TV breaking her solid cedar TV table. As blood streaked my face from a gash in the back of my head I picked up my daughter screaming for Molly to call the cops. Chris said I would not leave the house alive or with Sara. Molly showed up minutes later then her and Chris ripped my child from my arms while she was soaked in my blood. They pulled so hard on Sara that I felt if I held on any longer, I would hurt my baby.

So, I did the hardest thing in my life and let go. Molly and Chris ran to Molly’s house and barricaded themselves inside with my child. Leaving me bleeding and alone with nowhere to turn but city councilman Mike Glick. Mike informed me he didn’t want to be involved yet paid 60 thousand dollars to secure attorneys Calvin McLean and Bill Johnston. The same Bill Johnston fired for the Waco, FBI and Koresh incident in the 90s. The man responsible for the deaths of over 80 men women and children now defends my attacker

My next call was to Louis Oliver who I asked to take me to the ER for stitches and a cat scan. Louis called Chris and informed me if I sought any medical attention, I would never see my little girl again. He then kissed me on the forehead and said make up with Chris and leave the first chance you get. He went outside and told Chris I was leaving and a secret I had kept for 18 months, that Chris wasn’t the father on Saras birth certificate. A certificate that was then stolen and altered. While Louis slandered me on Facebook

Side note I am still legally married to Dr. Christopher Robert Fenoli out of Phoenix AZ. Until proven otherwise by a court ordered DNA test Sara is legally Dr. Fenolis’s child. Giving Molly and Chris Glick zero rights to my child…

No photo description available.

This forced me to involve Officer Tomplait the one clean cop in Leon Co who can’t be bullied or bought. I had the Chiefs personal cell number but was aware that he was being blackmailed by the Glicks and their notorious hard drive. A hard drive Chris and Molly bragged about stealing from Mike Shop several years before. A hard drive I have personally downloaded 7 times

In order to get my child back I agreed to turn over all evidence to the DAs office including a copy of the hard drive first hand witness testimony and phones to be downloaded. This also included evidence on the Rector vs Idol case that was handled much like mine

Days passed and my baby was still missing. I received word that the SR team sent to retrieve Sara was called off by none other than Chief Pavelka. Whom I was informed was on vacation at this time.

After receiving a call from Molly Glick Chief showed up while off duty and was the only officer allowed to enter the premises. He told everyone to leave that my child and Chris were not there but in Dallas. Chris’s truck was parked outside in plain sight and he had been caught by the neighbor’s cameras coming and going all week. This was reported to the mayors office via Julies parents who live directly across the street from Molly.

On Sunday I received word from my Mother Sherri Couch that my child was in fact with Molly. Chief had called her to discuss the details of my case. Details he should have had no access too as my case was assigned to the DAs investigator due to his corruption. He was to have no part in my case and no access to my information or files.

He proceeded to visit creative cuts 6 more times that week to slander me to anyone who would listen and turn my mother against me. The whole beauty shop assisted in spreading rumors and lies on his behalf to discredit me. This is what is known as witness tampering and official oppression.

My mother Sherri Couch and grandmother Audrey Heil/Hollis have ran a pedophile operation out of the Horseshoe RV park for more than 30 years. Sherri was warned she would not get the foster license she had applied for if she helped me in any way. Many of her customer witness My abuse growing up and like everyone in Leon Co turned a blind eye.

My only choice was to start calling the alphabet. I finally reached out to CPS as a last resort and thanks to my case worker Courtney and officer Tomplait my daughter was returned to me Monday afternoon. A full week later. This was after Molly admitted to CPS she was high on the same pills Chris had been taking when she was forced to hand over my baby girl.

I requested that Nikki Massengill not be allowed near my case after the manipulated the Rector/ idol case through her job with CPS. She was sleeping with Mitch when she helped him kidnap his children from CA after Shawna had won full custody due to Mitch’s addiction to illegal tramadol from India. She assisted in fabricating evidence resulting in Shawna receiving a lifetime protective order against her. Shawnas key witness and father Tony. idol was found dead in his home today. Her father was a key witness in the RICO case I was building against the Glick and Hollis families

After CPS and Officer Tom Plait returned Sara I took her and fled to a domestic violence shelter in Lufkin Tx 3 counties away feeling we would be safe there. I chose this shelter as I knew Tonya Foster had also been slandering me and helping the Glicks cover up what had happened. She did the Same thing in the Idol case…do we see a pattern here? Her Son in law launders her federal grant money through his bank as well as his Daddys drug trafficking money. This would explain him being the youngest president in the banks history and the luxurious second home he is currently building. It also explains Tonya’s lavish lifestyle , constant trips and cruises, new vehicles and multiple properties.

Lance is a dirty cop being blackmailed into doing things like making Mikes Gun disappear from evidence in the assault case between mike and Chris nearly 4 years ago. Mitch Rector was involved in the transport and disappearance of this gun along with many others that were labeled as destroyed.

I am sure you all heard about Mike and Chris chasing each other through town, shooting at each other , and running each other off the road. This case cannot be taken to trial as the key evidence cannot be produced for discovery. I kind of feel sorry for Lance he made a deal with the devil…Tonya however is using government money meant for victims like myself to live in the lap of luxury while only helping people with the right last name. All while her business masquerades as a non profit organization. Looks like there is plenty of profit to me.. This is unforgivable

Lance took my CPS confidential intake file that was faxed before my responding officer could add it to my file. It included a 15 page statement that addressed my plans to go public at the Town hall meeting about the corruption and mishandled evidence. He attempted in every way to keep me off the agenda for this meeting by the use of Rita who works at the Mayor’s office. He gets her son out of DWIs consistently, so she jumped on board the Glick train when lance said jump.

The Tuesday after Sara was returned to me by CPS I was informed my safehouse was compromised and was lured back to buffalo by Louis Oliver and Molly breaking into my home. All my identification was stolen as well as my Gun, a hot pink Baretta bobcat 22. My sentimental belongings jewelry prescription medication and photos of my oldest daughter and family were stolen as well.

For the following week I was stalked, harassed and had several attempts made on my life. Chief snuck up on me and entered my sunroom without announcing himself or permission. There was 4 feet between him and myself when I slammed my back door and locked myself and Sara inside. His hand was on his gun when the door shut and I dialed 911 out of fear they would just kill me and take my baby.

He attempted to open my back screen door which he is not allowed to do and told dispatch he had a DPS officer on site with him. Officer Weatherly was tricked into parking and staying on another property out of sight. I heard chief on the phone with CA Keith Cook trying to figure out how to serve for criminal trespassing on my own property. Now mind you Keith Cook had just given me an emergency protective order that covered me at my home address of 217 Kennard st but is now helping the cop I told him was dirty serve me with at criminal trespass at the same location. Keith also refuses to allow me to attend my protective order hearing via zoom. Due to a COVID outbreak at the clerks office, the attempts on my life and the fact I am no longer in the county to protect my child exceptions could and should have been made. This is all on recording

I had reached out to Keith’s office that morning when I woke up to a bonfire burning in my backyard that contained all my personal belongings. This fire was built mere yards from a large tank containing explosive fuel. I was blown off and to my knowledge arson charges were never filed on Molly.

Molly attempted to run over me in broad daylight days in her black Chrysler 300 with a retired police Chaplin watching. She missed me by 6 inches. This is attempted murder with a vehicle. However, charges still were not filed. I requested a protective order for Molly even though my one with Chris plainly states that no member of his family was allowed to contact harass threaten me or destroy my property. In response to my report of this the Lt. from the sheriffs office didn’t even take a written statement of the attempted murder with a credible witness present but did proceed to collect the illegal narcotics I had located in Chriss shop without gloves contaminating my scene. Narcotics I photographed and emailed to the DAs office. Narcotics that I would be willing to bet didn’t make into evidence just like all my reports as the investigator was unaware of them when we spoke today.


It doesn’t stop here the same judge that signed Chris arrest warrant signed the eviction notice I was served with hours later by none other than ex chief of police Glen Hightower. The same judge that forced Chief Pavelka to place a green sheet in the file that would alert me of my attackers release from jail. Chief failed to serve my protective order when her took chris into custody yet another example of his ineptitude. Chief did manage took a witness statement from Chris via the email Dglick01@yahoo.com when this all started. a statement that confirmed his possession of the hard drive, laptop and my child. Chris had found that I had hidden these items in a junk vehicle on our property thanks to Louis Oliver’s loose lips. Chief threatened to get a warrant for me for assault, breaking into my own home even though I entered the home with multiple law enforcement officers and placing a false 911 call even though I was in fear for my life and my Childs safety. He harassed me and had me followed everywhere.

My final straw was when I was forced to call 911 due to Molly violating my protective order yet again. Lance was the only one on duty. I requested that he respond as I had a bodyguard with me at this time and knew he had just come off work a wreck and was the only officer on duty. Minutes after my call he drove by twice but refused to respond. Even though he saw Molly in clear violation of the protective order. His job is to protect and serve. Who may I ask did he protect and serve? It is clear he works for the Glicks not the victim or the city of Buffalo. 45 minutes later I was told by a deputy that they could not enforce my protective order. I have it on very good authority that the Sherriff ordered Mike and the Glicks as untouchable to all his officers.

For the safety of my child and under the orders of CPS I was forced to leave the county out of fear for my life and having my child taken again. A week had passed with no response from the DAs office and my DV advocate told me she was ordered to back off and not help me with my cases. I can’t get a phone call or email answered but Molly Glick and Cindy Wood managed to get a personal meeting with both Keith and Caleb on Friday when they were suppposed to be out of town on a conference. Caleb drove up in a brand new BMW sportstar and his wife pulled up next to him in a new Mercedes both with paper tags showing they had just been purchased. Molly left that meeting in her yellow Corvette bought with drug money with a smug look on her face as she handed papers to a Lady sherrifs deputy to serve to me. Papers that would have kept me in their grasps and from fleeing for safety with my child. They would have kept me in corrupt Leon Co

Chris and Molly had forged Saras birth certificate as he was not listed as her father. Neither of these people had any rights to my child when they kidnapped her. They used the same typewriter they had used to forged my insurance claim check to get it cashed to type Chris’s name on the document. Chris then signed his nonexistent parental rights over to Molly. This was an attempt to allow Molly to take Sara away from me in the event of my death, incarceration or being proven as an unfit parent after he hacked my Facebook and posted intimate pictures and updates to discredit me.

This cost me the custody of my oldest Daughter Jade whom Lance allowed Mrs pat Cates and Jades Father to kidnap from me on December 28 2020. Since then I haven’t even received a photograph of Jade proving she is alive. During this time Sara was missing they had judge Evans issued a no contact order between me and Jade based off fabricated evidence. Up until a week ago I had joint custody of Jade

They took both my children from me because I no longer would be their slave or punching bag. If it hadn’t been for officer Tom Plait who went above and beyond the call of duty I would have never gotten Sara back. The would have used her to silence the voice of the victim and you would never hear my story.

While they were busy with their back alley deals and playing checkers, I have been playing Chess and have stayed 3 moves ahead. I have allowed all the corrupt people involved to expose themselves while documenting every detail.

I am not a victim I am a survivor! I will not back up! I will not back down! I will be the voice for the victims of leon county corruption! I will stand and fight with all I have in me even if it is the last thing I do! My voice will be heard and I will give a voice to all the victims like me! Victims like Shawna Idol and many more our justice system has failed over and over again. If you will stand with me and help give these victims a voice please. Like and share my story… Or don’t I am not afraid to stand alone as I know all to well many before me have been silenced…I have called in the whole alphabet to investigate this from the NSA down. Every 3 letter agency will get my complaint and reports along with the said hard drive I have made several copies of.

I will not stop until I and many more get justice. If you want your case reviewed email me the details at samanthacouchou812@gmail.com and I will pass the case along to the Texas Rangers who are currently in charge of my case. If they too are involved in the corruption I will have the next agency on the list step in. Its past time Leon co has a real domestic violence advocate that will fight for the victim not the family’s last name. I will continue this fight until they kill me or every last one is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This is not the last you will hear from me. I will see Justice prevail this time. Leon co had every opportunity to do the right thing but cash, drugs and flashy cars mean more than justice. Its past time for a change.


President Obama once said it is up to you be the change you want to see in the world. I will be that change… will you?

Since I can not attend the Town Hall meeting in person I wanted make my make sure my story would reach as many people as possible. I have filed a formal complaint with the Mayor to investigate this fully. Lance will attend this town hall meeting and bring all his minions in full force to help save his ass and defend his honor. He is afraid my 5 minute speech will insight a riot. Funny that the anagram from RIOT is the Righteous Invasion of Truth. Everything these people have done in darkness will come to light and if the council allows Chief and Tonya to keep their jobs it just proves everything, I said about the corrupt councilmen is 100 percent true. If Chris Glick is allowed to walk away Scott free yet again with no consequences for his actions, it proves that the corruption reaches the DAs office and higher. I demand the people involved be suspended, investigated fully and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If this is done, I will not present my lawsuit against the BPD, sheriff’s office, DAs office, CAs office the city of Buffalo and Leon Co. If this continues to be covered up or mishandled in any way just know I will be coming back and all of Hell along with every 3 letter agency in the alphabet will be coming with me. My hands and my conscious are clear. I have nothing to hide or anything substantial that can be used against me…can you say the same?

No photo description available.

I am in Tennessee until my case is settled. I have filed complaints with the DOJ hence the AG getting my case. The AG wants nothing to do with the official corruption and oppression. They say they may be ready for trial in 6-8months on the assault from 3 and a half years ago or my assault 6 months ago. The FBI will join the party in June. I am meeting to present a case to the Maury Co DA next week to see if Tennessee long arm off the law statue will do anything. I have not been to any news outlets other than your page, however I and 3 other victims are willing to speak out together. In the meantime Chris Glick is allowed to use pictures of my infant daughter to solicit sex from random 20 years old on the internet and the Courts want to seal the document and evidence to cover up the sick crap Mike and Chris Glick are into. Fun fact he already moved in a new bimbo after me and has already beat the crap out of her. She has filed charges however her DV advocate Tonya Foster ( Glick’s in law)didn’t offer her a Protective order and the SO filed it as a misdemeanor assault not a felony continued family violence so he was let out again by Judge Keeling for 2,500 dollars in bail. He has been arrested again since this and was held without bond for 3 weeks for violating his bond Conditions. His bond was set at 400,000 and paid immediately by big daddy Glick with a blank cashier’s check from citizens state bank. Not even 25 hours after his most recent release he was sending the messages featured on Glick Truck Accessories and Drug Trafficking. Tax payers dollars are being used to fund this 3 ringed circus while Tanya Foster make over a quarter million dollars each year as a nonprofit domestic violence advocate. The funds are used to finance trips, seconds homes and photos like this one. They do not go to the victim. Tonya Foster’s LLC made over 270,000 in 2019. Looks like the pandemic was good for her business.

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