Life sentence for Rusk, TX child molester the media reported as living in Carrollton, TX

Rusk, TX:

When Cherokee County child molesters are known by arresting agencies, their identities and residencies are lied about to news outlets. They lie about where the sex offender is employed, especially if the offender works at the County Jail and is petitioning the District Court for early supervised release. They can even get a County Judge to forge the name of the District Judge (by permission) on the sex offense release orders of a school nurse moonlighting at the jailhouse.

(Source:  From School Nurse to Sex Offender, Jan 12, 2010 KLTV)

Rebecca Blankinship has gone from school nurse to convicted sex offender. She pleaded guilty in 2010 to sexually assaulting a 14 year-old female Rusk ISD student. The assault happened in 2009 while Blankinship was employed at Rusk ISD. Her sex offense probation was illegally scrubbed in 2013 by County Judge Craig Fletcher who did not consult prosecutors. 

Officials don’t deny the District Judge’s signature on Rebecca Blankinship’s sex offense release order was written by former county court-at-law judge Craig Fletcher, even though BY LAW sex offense registry is for life and mandatory probation lengths are stipulated in the Texas Penal Code. (Source: Jacksonville Progress, Dec. 19, 2013)

Can’t have a sex offender checking on the well-being of the other sex offenders in jail, unless of course it’s the County Probation Department.

Carl Phillips, head of Cherokee County Probation Dept.

In 2019, Carl Phillips was sentenced to 50 years in prison after pleading guilty to the continuous sexual abuse of a child and to two probation revocation cases involving stealing from the county. Despite heading the Cherokee County Probation Department for over 35 years and being the longest serving Cherokee County employee on record, Phillips was simply referred to as “a man from Jacksonville” by Cherokee County newspapers. (Source: Former East Texas corrections director molested child for more than 18 months, KETK)

“Cherokee County sex offender gets life in prison…but he doesn’t live here….”

John Wesley Allen Jr., 57, is a longtime Cherokee County, TX resident according to his Voter Registration. He has been living at the end of the dirt road on DECHARD ST in RUSK, TEXAS since 2010. Allen was arrested in 2020 for the ongoing sex assault of a Rusk, TX child, when it was falsely reported he lived in the DFW area. Allen sat in the Cherokee County jail on $1 million bond for the last couple years; and was recently convicted in the 369th Judicial District Court and sentenced to life in prison with no parole. He did not accept a more lenient plea deal. (Source: Cherokee County man sentenced to life in prison for abuse of child, KETK) Some East Texas reported the Big Fat Lie in the 369th District Court’s post trial brief that John Wesley Allen, Jr. lived in Carrollton, TX and not in Cherokee County. Is this really a case of some out-of-town child molester preying on kids in Rusk, TX and not a local predator endemic to the area?

They just want you to feel vested in your little community, and repeat the lies with them.

John Wesley Allen Jr., somebody’s neighbor, friend, and co-worker

No, this John Wesley Allen Jr. has lived and worked in Rusk, TX for decades where, according to trial testimony, he molested a child for years beginning when the kid was 6 years old. Allen did not drive back and forth from the Dallas area to continually molest the kids in his trailer park. He lives in Rusk because it is a haven for pedophiles who get summoned for jury duty. They can even get their criminal histories illegally expunged by the District and County Judges for what they consider “good behavior,” i.e. working at the County Jail and pretending they have an official jury summons. Why do they go out of their way to get the media to lie about where John Allen, Jr. lived while he molested kids in Rusk? Because they know him and worked with him for decades, just like they worked side-by-side “a man from Jacksonville” Carl Phillips for over 35 years. (Source: Jacksonville man sentenced to 50 years in prison for continuous child sexual abuse, CBS19) A Jacksonville man who only worked 35 years for Cherokee County as their longest serving and top Criminal Justice employee.

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