My story of a town that makes it’s own rules and the government seems to stand by them, dirty cops, dirty politics, and Christian Fellowships that have chosen the turn there backs on a beaten down woman, because of her lifestyle choices.  This blog will tell hard hitting truths about the people and government of small town Marlin Texas 76661.  I will tell you all and everything I know thru writing and videos.  If anyone chooses to sue me then go for it I am broke and homeless because of each and everyone of you.  When you decided to run the town hooker out of town by fire, jail, heat with no electric or water, and now starvation you lost the right to be acknowledged as Christians.  But ya didn’t run out the town hooker… Priscilla is still at the Marlin Inn I used to watch a lot of your husbands go up to her room…. she only charges $5.   Can you imagine what she has sent back to you!  You have created a Vengeance demon people.  What human allows a woman to beaten, raped, burned out, stalked and jailed wrongfully?  What human delights in the horrors and losses that I have gone through?

For the public and newsgroups, I will go into great depth about the events of the last four years in Marlin Texas.  I have Videos, Photos, and a hard drive of local government misconduct.  racketeering, rico act, falsifying documents and fire reports, Officers of the Law misconduct, larceny, bribery, and sometimes just idiots.  Stolen property, property taken with no warrant, no seizure list, attempted suicides that reports were improperly written up, child molestation reports that were never checked out,  secret late night meetings, utility thieft, non-profits that are nothing but money laundering, Fake Charities, Charities that provide a motel room for a dope night out but not for an elderly lady that just had a stroke.  Cops using new police cars to play race games with or daredevil stunts,

And why was an ON DUTY police Officer allowed to stay on the force 6 months after he stalked and molested me?  Why was I raided 3 days AFTER I filed and Internal Affairs Complaint on Chief Allen, even gave one to MS DA Jodi Guilium.  You may kill me or put me in Jail Marlin Texas but I have until my court August 19th to get all of this out to every aspect of the media I can.  You see I finally got back up today.  I told my story to 2 female Officers, women that have had to survive in a mans world…. So Texas Rangers and The Attorney Generals office are being notified out of these city limits.

I would appreciate any kind of help from the public that I can get,  I know it wont be from Marlin Citizens……they enjoyed getting all my possessions too much when I lost my home.  Have you ever been screwed over and over and just took it?  Bullied by people that are nothing but shit on your shoe?  because they saw you as weak, because you were kind to them?  Sometimes ya just got to say enough is enough.

And oh my GOD the scams they run here!!!  Counterfeit Money!  Embezzlement,, Wife Swapping, Police Ordered Murders, Police committed Murders, Jail Hangings that were not Suicide, Animal Abuse, Pay Offs, Illegals being brought in by the truckloads,  Drugs put in public dumpsters by pharmacies,  So much to say and so little time……. But I will tell it all.  You see I have seen it all, heard it all and taken a lot of video and pictures.  Jailers that steal from inmates, Judges that forget to bring inmates to court for months.  Oh and realtors that sell money pit houses to people in other states so that they cant see what they are buying.

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