Neches Texas Road to Nowhere

 Kimberlin Snider at Neches Elementary got indicted for interfering with a child sex assault ?
Other than the obvious nepotism, the history of her bullying complaints, and the small town drama.  Not too mention her husband is the Superintendent of the School District.  Some news articles and a few nightly casts that repeat over and over again that the child “DOES NOT ATTEND NECHES ISD.”
Sounds pretty damn stupid for the ETX media to repeat lies like that.
Snider “conducted her own investigation” on students and teachers at the damn school.
What are they implying? An infant or truant kid wandering past the school was molested and then Snider threatened everybody to not go public?
After all the complaints against her, she is going to “interfere” in a case that didn’t happen anywhere in the school district?
Snider caters to a clique over there that includes the parents of the kid who did the sexual assaulting.  They are saying that clique has money and they’re kids prey on the ones who do not.
That is allegedly who Sniders picks on within the school.  Social outcasts, new kids that come from poor families and anyone else she believes should be in her amazing little world.
In her mind (they’re mind) they are keeping Neches clean of the riff raff 
East Texas media is a sick joke. This takes the cake.
They are deliberately trying to convolute the molestation of an elementary student at the hands of a Neches ISD teacher.
The Neches School District is suing the “Change for Neches” Facebook group to keep the AG office from releasing redacted FOIA requests.

Neches ISD sues Texas AG to keep from releasing records about indicted elementary principal Kimberlyn Snider

 Sounds like a ruse, but plausible. The Ol’ Bitties do that kind of ostracizing, i.e. cover up date rapes going on in their beloved cliques, while attacking anyone complaining about the little rapists. Obviously the victim attends the elementary school / Neches ISD.

That is the big lie.  Snider was the principle of the Elementary School.  She took matters into her own hand and marched over the High School where she orchestrated her cover up, coercion and intimidation.  Her husband is the School District Superintendent.  Clearly the High School staff looked the other way.  Or maybe they let folks who are not staff come on in and commit oppression. 
KETK news ran the nightly news repeating saying the victim did not attend Neches ISD, and so did the KETK reporter following the story- repeating the horse crap the Sheriff Dept and school was telling them.
Don’t expect any retractions.
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