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Carter’s Story


While most of us are familiar with Romeo and Juliet tragedy, we really want it to end with a happily ever after.  Unfortunately, when the setting is East Texas you get more of a Peyton Place oxymoron.  You won’t be missing any of the usual “family” drama; friends’ no longer friends, divided houses, marriage relationships full of lies and backstabbing partners.  While you are trying to make out who did what to who, don’t miss the true underlying story.

The real story in this on-going calamity are not the children, after all a teen with a broken heart isn’t uncommon.  The Adults are the tragedy.  It is the Prince of Verona character played here by several local officials and business owners that needs the spotlight on questionable behavior.  The County District Attorney’s office operating outside procedures.  School Officials allowing bullying and unnecessary spectacles. Local and neighboring law enforcement allowing themselves to be used as pawns. Parents making bad choices.  Why?

Please be sensitive for the children being used as pawns in something that I can’t quite wrap my head around the “end game”.  The original object seemed to be exhausting the fire of “young love” and so far, it seems, whatever justice is being served has left more unanswered questions and a house lying a pile of ashes, literally.  

Just another unbelievable saga in the never disappointing corruption that plagues East Texas Counties. 

Johnnie Belle Reagan

In 2017, Carter became friends with a girl from school. For two years, Carter not only grew close with this girl, but both families grew to know each other well. Time was spent. Family vacations planned and enjoyed. By the time that these two young people started dating in June of 2018, he was considered another member of their family. The couple would become inseparable, and her parents became like a second home to Carter.

In January of 2019, while at the girl’s home, these two teenagers had sex. A friend spoke out and they were forced to end their relationship by her parents. Instead of dealing with the broken hearts of these teenagers, the girl’s family would use their reputation and money to pull strings within the community to have Carter arrested for “stalking.” Through this entire process they have attempted to destroy Carter’s character in-order-to protect their own. 

Carter’s Arrest

In September of 2019, Carter was wrongfully arrested for alleged “stalking” charges. This arrest took place at his school in front of his peers and his ex-girlfriend’s family. Although Carter had no prior history of criminal offenses, he was held for eleven days in juvenile detention. (In most cases, the juvenile is released to his parents unless they have numerous prior offenses and/or weapons are involved.). The alleged date of the stalking offense is January 2019.  But all members of this family were still talking to and texting Carter until a few days prior to his arrest.  All friendly and cordial.  Since his release, he is being held on strict probationary conditions. No petition (formal charge) has been filed with the juvenile court system.

Some of the harsh conditions placed on a sixteen-year-old include the following: 

  • 1)  Remaining within ten feet of a guardian in public
  • 2)  Continuous ankle monitoring of location ($300 per month which the judge ordered Carter to pay himself.)
  • 3)  Court-Ordered Counseling ($125 per session)
  • 4)  Must remain outside of Anderson County
  • 5)  No cell phone
  • 6)  No social media
  • 7)  No TV in his room

They also burned down his family’s home. Let that sink in a moment. They burned it down!

Carter’s Petition

Anderson County was Carter’s home. It had been where his family resided for the last several years. Not only has his entire family been uprooted and their home burned down, but these strict conditions are stripping him of his remaining freedoms. Even though a petition STILL has yet to be filed. (Please view Texas Family Law on the timeline for filing petitions HERE.)

A petition is when Carter will be charged for any crimes thought to have been committed. At this time, there is no formal charge against him. The current allegations that he is facing have come from briberyfabrication of truth, tampered evidence, and misuse of authority in a small town.

The timeline available on this website can be used as a resource for the proof that will be shared in Carter’s defense (View Timeline HERE). Texts, snapchats, Life 360, anonymous tip calls, and dash-cam footage will clarify to the public his true character.  

Can his truth—the real truth–be effectively shared to the community? 

His family’s goal is that Carter’s story will be heard. That this website will shed light onto his good character, loving heart, and need for justice. Please stand up for Carter. Tell his truth. 

He would do the same for you.


Timeline of Events


The timeline will also have links in BLUE of supporting evidence in order.

Henderson County Illegal Stop

Anonymous Tip Call

Images of Injuries

Dash Cam (Coming Soon)

Life 360 of Cell Phone

Screenshots HERE

All other

Witness Text (More to come)

House Fire and Additional Images

PI Report (Will be Released after Court)

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