by Harry Storm     

This is Pam Whitlock. This the old woman Par got out of retirement to run OUR JAIL. Within the first two months, hell, not even that long, this dumbass has a JAIL DEATH by hanging in the BOOKING AREA.

Good job, Grandma, go the fk home, you’re going to get arrested for double dipping and the money you’re making as HEAD MAJOR OF THE JAIL isn’t going to mean a thing where you’re going

Pam Whitlock, Cody Next in Line for Sheriff Blossman, Chris Ass Kiss Mortician Eubanks, certainly instill confidence with their ZERO experience in humanity, decency, and the McLennan County Jail. Seems last night, unable to recognize the signs of a suicidal inmate, an inmate hung himself in the Booking Area of the jail.

Congratulations to Commissioner Perry and Commissioner Patricia Miller for voting to bring Pam Whitlock back for this stint.

Parnell McNamara, your Sheriff till the shit hits the fan, then it’s his “son” Cody Blossman next in line, instills NO confidence and exhibits NO leadership, neither do his money and power grabbing little select group of ass kissers and “son” to be charged with double dipping etc.

Say a big Texas “Hello” to the Jails Standards Commission and considering I already filed Complaints they can just come on down. Maybe I’ll fill out their form and put “I told you so”.

Your Sheriff for life has thrown out the good guys like Ricky Armstrong, making their lives hell until they quit so Par could put his own people in, like Dave Kilcrease’s butt buddy Mr. Conoley from California.

All this to eliminate their “mole” fantasy. They think there is a mole leaking information because they’re just too lazy to READ the damned public information. It’s all on Muckrock but you must remember, Par can’t log on.

Hello bigass lawsuit.


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