Randy Rainbow Request Candy for the Waco Sheriff

Who is Randy Rainbow? – is an American comedian and singer, best known for spoof interviews that blend political satire and musical parodies from a progressive perspective.

 Hi!  I am Randy Rainbow and I am making a request for some very lonely men who could use some love.  You see they work and live in a DARK & TOXIC environment.  They’re churches preach HATE and VIOLENCE against others at the moment…. how sad.

SO.. I am asking everyone and any0ne to show them LOVE and SUPPORT.  I want to show them that being different is OK.  

A bitter man previously sent one of the Sheriff Employees a chocolate candy bar shaped as Penis.  This made them very very angry.  RAGE.  They pursued criminal charges against him for 5 years.  Seriously?  Yes and disregarded homicides and other more serious threats to retaliate against someone who mailed them chocolate.                           ~ They need to chill

SO!  I am calling on anyone and everyone to send them candy shaped like a penis!  Lets all get over it together.  We can laugh, cry and sing while having a candy treat.

There are numerous phallic shaped candies out there but I am going to toss this one out for starters.  Why?  Because they are “cheap” “good” and “high quality”


Are you afraid that a regular 6.5” long solid rainbow penis lollipop won’t embarrass someone? Fear not, for we’ve found a way to one-up this classic culprit of  bashfulness. Instead of making them go out in public and eat a giant fruity sucker shaped like a penis, you should make them go out in public and eat a giant fruity sucker shaped like a penis… dripping with love.

That’s right, folks, penis-shaped sweet treats are now even cooler than your wildest dreams and the homophobic deepest fears ever could have imagined. These colorful and tasty penis pops are so realistically detailed that they not only include veins, balls and head, but also a drizzle of white “cum” dripping down the length of the shaft. With as excited as we are just typing that sentence, you can bet your homo~phobe is going to be even more excited eating, licking and sucking it too.

Fruity flavored and rainbow-colored. Net weight 10.4 oz / 295g.


Order one today and be sure to have it sent too….

McLennan County Sheriff Department

Attention; Parnell McNamara

901 Washington Avenue


Only $9 right now and you can have it sent directly too when you order!   


What the fuck happened you might ask?



You can also send a candle from Amazon…


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