by Harry Storm 

THIS is my facebook page picture. Ralph Strother is the one with the devil tail penis etc., Remember Ralph? Remember the Baylor Fraternity President Rapist he let off? Oh, I do. If you need a walk down memory lane on that, just a tiny portion of the internet outrage is listed, if you need more, it’s there. Jacob Andersen, Baylor Rapist. Ralph, well, Ralph let him off, remember?

Ralph Strother, either got paid off or is arrogant and big enough a prick to think he acted as the right arm of an avenging god. THIS man made international news making Waco and Baylor look corrupt. Guess ole Barry and other lawyers here forgot about that.

Harry fucking did not.

Most people don’t know this but that piss yellow wall behind Barry Johnson at the DA’s office was painted by one Joe Leming, a murderer from Bellmead that was convicted over 30 years ago.

I couldn’t believe it. Instead of a press conference in the beautiful Rotunda, it’s in the DA’s office with that yellow wall. Just the worst color ever.

Okay, that’s petty, back to what really has me just crazy.

I am glad Barry hired Aubrey, I have actually no thoughts on it, I don’t even have any wishes anymore, I am a realist and there’s no hope in sight. Corruption will do just fine because the “B” team is in ultimate power.

Barry Johnson hires current Democratic nominee for DA to help him mitigate huge backlog of cases (

Barry goes on here, mostly talking to Tommy Witherspoon and when he talks about losing the election by 30% and neither Josh nor Robbie asking for his endorsement, I fell on the floor. Worse than that Johnson talks about Ralph Strother. How Aubrey worked for Ralph Strother and he used some kind of nice adjective that made me wretch. a

Ralph Strother, the same Ralph Strother who is famous for letting the Baylor Frat Boy President totally off shoving his penis in a girls throat and choking her. Leaving her passed out in her own vomit at a Baylor party and that rapist, now forgotten is doing just fine.

I’ve had at least TWO other Waco attorneys on tv say nice things about Strother or use the word, “venerable”. I had hoped that the word “venerable” when used with Ralph was rather like when people in my hometown of Taylor “renew their vows” in marriage, this usually means a terminal disease and an end in sight. Well, I’ve waited two years and that hasn’t happened, so now I am going to rebel.

See, would have left ole Ralph out of the “venerable” spot the male lawyers in this f-dup town seem to keep on touting no matter what. Does anyone have a daughter?

“VENERABLE” doesn’t belong in front of the words, Ralph Strother. Suddenly the male members of the McLennan County Bar are using Ralph Strother as an example?

I suppose that’s the same kind of logic that would take a case of missing money from TWO forfeitures totaling 91K to the Texas Rangers HERE in WACO.

There, I said it. I’ve been screaming it to the drought ridden cosmos for two weeks and I can’t stand it.

Hiring Aubrey is a great idea, but, does it negate the fact that this DA takes a fact situation to Texas Rangers here, where ole Parnell has one of their wives as one of the highest paid employees of the Sheriff’s Department?

This is where I go into my “Aunt Joyce” voice, which is two octaves higher than my usual one, and I am screaming, “Have you lost your gawddamned mind”, to this DA even in my sleep.

We have a “hell no” button. It’s like the Federal definition of porn, you know it when you see it.

Well, I see it.

Still tries to get appointed to different shit, make him stay home with Phyllis, thousands of her ex students will agree on that punishment.

click on the red titles below to revisit all the articles about St. Ralph of the Rapist.

Where was Parnell? Where was Scaramucci? Where was justice? Certainly not here for the virgin Baylor girl. Nope. Jared Kushner look alike Jacob Andersen, the Baylor FRAT BOY PRESIDENT RAPIST, got nothing but sweet deals from Ralphie and the rest. Obviously, some men in Waco need a reminder that daughters do matter. Send your daughter to Baylor and have her choked by a Baylor Fraternity boy’s penis. Nice. Better yet, read what Saint Ralph did FOR him and his rich parents. Another shout out to Abel on this one, the whole thing, ignored here yet a firestorm all over the world. Please read the petition for Ralph to resign, my personal favorite.

Jacob Andersen, rapist and the Judge who let it happen.



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