Day 1

Ain’t it sweet, of course, if you listen realllll real close you can hear them fight about Sherre breaking into the shed, AND, Char wanting Sher to cough up Par’s canteen she kept from the burglary. WHAT BURGLARY. Oh, disappeared, let’s blame Barry for that.

Par sits and watches this shit, see ass kisser Chris Eubanks go over and tell the girls that they’re being watched and taped. THEN they pretend to be all kissy kissy.

Businesswoman charged in burglary on local sheriff’s property › content › news › Businesswoman…

May 10, 2017 — Sherre Johnston, 49, of Lorena was arrested early Monday morning after a search warrant signed at 1:40 a.m. Monday by 54th District Court Judge …

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KWTX News 10 – Sherre Johnston had been warned to stay off… › kwtxnews10 › posts › sher…

A local businesswoman is free on bond after she was charged in connection with a break-in on the property of McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara. Share.

Awww look at Sherre and Char, guess Char and John have accepted the love affair of the century now that Mike Mc and ole Paw Paw Truman are gone. Well, why not, Par’s 75 and Sherre is well over 50 so as Par’s biggest fan and wife, it’s all okay now.

This is the new Christianity. If Par does it Jesus must approve.

Charlotte McNamara, guess losing weight and having work done just didn’t quite cut it, that blonde Sherre, well, Parnell just won’t give that girl up now will he.

Uh oh Miss Thang is getting fat.

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