Sherre Johnston hit by a train DWI

by Harry Storm

This story has such a large cast of characters it has its own EVENT LOG.

The date is February 27, 2015. Mike McNamara died in September of 2015 so this is not some PTSD thing associated with him “dying in her arms”.

This is Sherre Johnston’s very first DWI, it’s two in the morning, she’s driving around Cedar Park, Texas and she is lost in a parking lot, drives through a chained gate and her car stalls on a railroad track, of course, she gets out to push it across, right? Then GE Locomotive 66053 hits her SUV. Of course, she’s gunned and pilled up, thank you Dr. Barbin for supplying yet another Rx AFTER she gets charged with hydrocodone.

The videos and paperwork will be up soon, however, when one’s dire enemy gets hit by a train, who can wait to share this info? Not Harry.

Drunk (0.18 via blood draw)  Sherre Johnston gets hit by a train. You can’t make it up.

Here’s her mugshot, she’s smiling because Truman’s on the way and John’s paying the insurance.

DWI #1   0.18   Cedar Park, Texas gunned up and pilled up again and again and again. Why not when you’re the Sheriff’s girlfriend and you have men who enable you every step of the way. What’s the deal here, come on.


Have you lost count yet? I have. I am too busy sitting here wondering why no one seems to stop her. She’s going to hurt herself or someone else, and I have to say, just the worst case of Denial since Patty Hearst. Aided over and over and over again by her boyfriend Sheriff Parnell McNamara, enabled by boyfriend Truman Simons, and what the hell John Johnston’s role in this is besides FAKE CHRISTIAN BULLSH$T get the hell real here. When is enough enough with the guns too? No one ever takes away her weapon yet she keeps getting away from her handlers at odd times of the night. Dr. Barbin always gets her off the drug charges, every time she gets picked up, same drug thing, then dropped. It’s ridiculous.

Your Sheriff is a crook, this woman has something on him. Please, Sherre, tell us what it is, is it a loan you gave him of money and you made him pay it back? Is it moving his brother? Is it the sex? You could not have better accomplices if you’dve paid them. EVERYONE fought this arrest, I wonder why, she only got hit by a train.

I’m RESIDENT EVIL and this woman has a driver’s license and carries a gun loaded with hollowpoints.

THIS woman is the Sheriff’s GIRLFRIEND. Come on here, she was also his brother’s girlfriend. They moved the brother’s dead or dying body and now Sheriff helps Sherre get off all charges over and over again.

Get real.

THIS is what your law enforcement is, have a listen to Sherre Johnston saying, “I’m embarrassed to call my husband, I’m embarrassed to call Parnell.”

It’s on a loop so you can hear it over and over again, just like the cops who bring in special people just to have them let go free, THEN we should take an endorsement from the Sheriff’s department, oh, what a laugh.

Ask for the Sherre Johnston deal when yo go to jail. Try writing the Trooper a check coming soon.

Ask Parnell about Sherre…..

There’s nothing going on here. It’s fine. It’s all fine.


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