Sherre Johnston Lauches “RESIDENT EVIL” Facebook Page

by Sherre Johnston 

I’m a sinner saved by grace. A survivor, and a fighter when I’m pushed too far. I’m an empath, and very soft hearted, sometimes to my detriment.

This blog is a way for me to bring attention to online bullying, and what it can do to a person – Sherre

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I was going to take this page down , and I was advised not to.
I haven’t written anything in a long while, and wasn’t planning to.
I’m not here to bash anyone , only to tell the truth.
Bernadette looks at this every morning to see if I have written anything. She obviously wants any kind of attention she can get.
She has dared me before to tell the truth about Mike’s death. I already have. I called Berni offering to tell her what happened, she got scared and hung up. She’s big on hiding behind her phone and in her trailer. No guts whatsoever. Just lies and embellishment.
People say I have nine lives. Those are just the times they know about. I actually have more than that . There was a time that I would have been proud of my survival skills, and taken credit for it.
I finally realize that it has been God who has kept me here for some reason. I’m just trusting Him and His plan. Humility is the key, and complete dependence on God.
I’ve heard my entire life at how “strong “ I am. Also, how smart, beautiful etc. all of these attributes can be a real curse. Like having crazy jealous older women wanting to destroy me any way possible.
She doesn’t know how to read an incident report apparently. She has lied so much over those . Nobody in my family, including myself have ever tried marajuana. It’s hysterical at how wrong she got that one. I could go on forever correcting the lies and embellishments. However, a very close friend who is a woman of God reminded me that I don’t need to be wasting any energy, nor time fighting Satan. Berni is controlled by Satan, and I need to let God handle that.
Btw, I got another note from the Satanists. Pure craziness.
I began realizing that a bottle of wine would numb my pain and was a temporary solution for a major problem, when my daughter had a heroine needle put in her arm by a drug addict punk, left Baylor for him, and he literally almost killed her. I did everything to save her from him, and finally succeeded. I watched her almost die. It about killed me. I don’t think I’ll ever completely get over it. My first dwi was when I was coming back from taking her to rehab near Kerrville. I came within seconds of being killed by a very fast train.
How many people has Berni had to watch die? I’ve had to see more than the majority will ever see in a lifetime.
I was put in DePaul on suicide watch a couple years ago. I almost hung myself in jail. I was picked on by the jailers because Berni kept calling the jail telling them I had a phone that Parnell gave me. So ridiculous. Parnell has never done anything for me, and I have NEVER asked him or anyone for any favors in my life.
This cyber bullying, among other things have taken its toll and made me suicidal.
I am now giving up my pride and seeing a psychiatrist which is helping . I have some brain damage issues from busting my head open on Dec. 28. No, it was not in a wreck . I was not driving. So I’m seeing a brain surgeon for that.
This woman has threatened to kill me. She lies about it, but I have it in writing.
I am a thankful woman today. I’m slowly getting better mentally. I realize that I don’t always have to be the strong one that saves everybody else. I’m trying to get all of those memories out of my mind.
I am now trying to abide by whatever God wants me to do. I’ve been doing a lot of good that I don’t brag about nor telling anyone about. I don’t need attention. I’m not a public official.
If God wants me to make a difference in prison , then His will be done . He’s obviously not ready for me to die .
I give God all of the glory for me still being here, and I know He has a reason.
I have a lot to say in my book. I’m not writing Berni anything. I’ve learned that you just can’t talk to evil lunatics.
God will defeat Satan once and for all. I don’t need to worry about it anymore. To God be the glory. No matter what happens .
– Harry does not mind, as long as Sherre will stop driving drunk and use an Uber maybe.  Her past 7 DWIs are somewhat atrocious.  Not even going to talk about leaving a dying man after calling 911 or smuggling narcotics into a correction facility.
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Sherre Johnstons long documented and numerous DWIs, Bribery, her vehicle hit by a train after she stalled it on the railroad tracks inebriated looking for the interstate

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The Day I Met Satan
I met Bernadette Feazell in Austin Texas around 30 years ago. I was adopted at birth, and decided as a young adult to find my biological family for medical reasons.
My oldest sister mentioned a woman named “Berni” that hung out with our mother occasionally. My family said she was a “fair weather friend” and was basically just a “cocktail buddy”. They remembered Berni as a loud mouth, promiscuous, woman who always had an “agenda” and indulged frequently in recreational drugs. Her primary goal at the time was to marry a wealthy man. She had numerous affairs with wealthy men in Waco, but she could never convince them to leave their wives.
She met a handsome lawyer, younger than her at a bar in Waco. She took him out to the parking lot, and got herself pregnant. Bingo! She finally got herself a lawyer. He had the potential for wealth and she could finally be relevant and prominent in Waco. She had accomplished all of her goals.
Her lawyer husband won an enormous lawsuit and they became millionaires. They moved to a mansion in Austin. This is when I went to visit them. Berni was exactly like my older sister described her. Apparently, the saying “money can’t buy you class” is true. I had never heard a man curse as much as she did. I found it odd that her son was so clingy to her. He was around twelve at the time. He didn’t attend school, didn’t have any friends, didn’t participate in any activities. He was only around his mother 24/7.
Soon afterward, Berni had her son break into her husbands computer and she found out that he had a pretty little blonde mistress. They divorced and Berni received well over THREE MILLION DOLLARS! She took their son and traveled around the world. She spent every bit of that money on men, sex, drugs, and prostitutes for her teenage son. She married numerous men in foreign countries and gave them her money. She was definitely a “sugar momma “ for many men.
She became destitute and insisted that her son take care of her. He couldn’t even take care of himself. He was never taught to. I know this because I worked for her ex husband part time for 15 years. Her son would work there occasionally, when he was living in Waco. I felt sorry for him, and would give him money occasionally. He was a handsome, intelligent young man with potential. He really didn’t have a chance in life because of who raised him. Berni and her son would live in a tiny government subsidized apartment and would always sleep in the same bed. This was odd for a man in his thirties. He moved to Mexico to get away from his mother. I was told by numerous very reliable sources, including him, that Berni is wanted for murder in Mexico. Therefore, she could not follow him. This was finally a chance for the young man to have a life of his own. Unfortunately, he could not escape his demons, including his mother . He died of a heroine overdose a year and a half ago. I would not be including him in this blog if he were alive . I always cared for him, and wanted the best for him.
Now, she is an elderly woman, who is mentally ill, mean, bitter, jealous , and still wants to be relevant.
She is also completely obsessed with me.
The five years of her false accusations, lies, meanness, and bullying have really taken its toll on me.
– Actually Harry is obsessed with Sherre constantly getting new DWIs and the current Sheriff and former DA Investigator getting her out of them
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