SHERRE JOHNSTON’S 2022 ENDORSEMENTS & Advice for Chenetral Evans

Your “Sheriff for Life’s” girlfriend “For Life”, has TWO pending DWI’s at the DA’s office. Still driving, no ankle monitor, no AA meetings, Miss Thang thinks that if she and Par can get Josh Tetens elected as DA she can get off her 5th. and 6th. DWI cause Joshie Baby here is going to just dismiss those pesky DWI’s. Drunk as a skunk at CEFCO where she hit her head, and the fabulous, “can I write you a check” to the Trooper in her video from the other DWI #6 in Robinson.

Vote for Josh Tetens and let Sherre walk free to drive drunk again, hey, Tetens, they think you’re that dumb.

Even I think you’d call a conflict on this hot mama potato.

Sherre has some advice for Chenetral Netra Terral Evans in Palestine Texas (look her up on Facebook)

“You really need to be close with those elected officials in your county, close with God, close with Jesus, and you too can get out of multiple DWIs and other Felony charges too include possession of a controlled substance in a correctional facility just like I have”



By Rissa Shaw |

WACO, Texas (KWTX) In the middle of serving a sentence for drinking and driving, a well-known local businesswoman showed up to jail intoxicated with drugs on her, according to jail records and officials.

(Most recent jail photo)

Sherre Lynn Johnston, 51, of Lorena, was sentenced by a judge on Jan. 12 to serve 180 days in jail after being convicted on two counts of driving while intoxicated, and would serve both sentences concurrently.

However, she was given a deal where she could serve her time on the weekends, which records show she started Jan. 19.

At some point, Johnston stopped her weekend service temporarily, but jail officials said they could not disclose why due to potential HIPAA violations.

Records show Johnston resumed her weekend service in June.

When she came in to be booked for the weekend on July 20, jailers said Johnston appeared to have been drinking, so they gave her a test via a handheld intoxilyzer which determined she was over the legal alcohol limit, according to the jail report.

The report goes on to say, while jailers were changing Johnston into her inmate uniform, a controlled substance was found.

McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna confirmed, there is a pending felony charge against Johnston for prohibitive substance in a correctional facility, but he declined to discuss it further because it is a pending matter.

A source close to the investigation believes she was smuggling the contraband into the jail.

A judge issued a rescind order to take away Johnston’s weekend privileges, according to jail officials who said she now has to serve her entire sentence at once.

Records show Johnston returned to jail on July 27 and she would remain jailed until at least Aug. 28.

Johnston has been arrested locally at least six times since 2016 on various charges including burglary in connection with a break-in on the property of McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara in May 2017.

That case is still pending.

State records show Johnston was also arrested for DWI by Cedar Park Police in Williamson County in Feb. 2015.

Johnston is the owner of Ricochet Boutique in Waco in addition to being the wife of Waco’s former fire chief.


Here is Sherre photobombing Judge Luna in case she has to go to his court, bet he’s happy.

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