Sherre offers to replace Miss Waco

by Ms Volga

McLennean County Beauty Pageant ?

Sherre Johnson whom many in the Waco area are familiar with as McLennan County DWI Queen has recently offered to replace the former Miss Waco. 

Jamie Blanek, was reportedly rendering aid in a crash when she was hit by a car in February 2021.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is in charge of the crash investigation. The McLennan County Sheriff’s office was on scene assisting.

According to DPS officials, a Jeep SUV traveling southeast crashed into a Chevrolet Sonic that failed to yield the right of way to the Jeep. A woman who stopped to help was hit when a Buick passenger car crashed into the Jeep.

The family is requesting privacy at this time.

No worries Sherre Johnson who reportedly did yet another confessional before her church congregation regarding her past DWI of running her SUV on a railroad where it was later hit by a train.  The incident according to Sherre was a direct result of depression and Satanic attacks by the numerous cultist in the Waco area.  Moving forward Sherre believes that if she were Miss Waco now McLennan County could be healed.  How was not exactly made clear.


No description available.

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