Shot fired in Marlin Texas

The Texas police chief of Marlin Texas reportedly commits suicide while being served warrant for sexual assault by the Texas Rangers.

Nathan Sodek originally from Temple Texas was the Police Chief of the small town of Marlin located near Waco Texas. He had been made the police chief in December 2018. He took over duties earlier following the resignation of former Chief Mike Pesses.

His law enforcement career began after graduating the police academy in 2012. He worked for Rosebud Police Department prior. Nathan is one of numerous Texas Police Officers to be charged with a crime in recent years.

After an alleged sexual assault an investigation took place. The Texas Rangers came to his home Friday August 23. They came to serve a warrant for his arrest that morning. After talking on the front porch it is reported that Nathan suddenly turned running into the home.

Inside the home Nathan is reported to have taken a weapon and shot-himself in the head. Authorities remained at the scene Friday afternoon at the home on Soules Circle, just north of the Bruceville-Eddy High School football field.

Nathan was an amateur Stock Car Race Driver. Further details have not been available.

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