So Steve Donaldson wrecked a Sheriff’s car, who hasn’t at McLennan County Sheriffs Office? and HE got in trouble for it. Guess that watery eyes story didn’t set well with his boss Kevin Ferguson. Donaldson was put on suspension. Donaldson worked TWO hours in BELL COUNTY for TxDot, poor thing. So, what CAR was he doing security in? Not a Sheriff’s car? How does all this work? Weber construction is NOT using the McLennan County Sheriff’s department. NOPE. The private security below with Itchy Eye Donaldson is another company, not Weber. Weber probably got into trouble for not catching the incredible double dipping too, hello.

(Steven Donaldson, if you will remember had itchy eyes and that made him wreck a Sheriff’s car)

Guess Par won’t let him drive the Classic 57 Chevy around the church all day like Embalmer Eubanks. After all, riding in all those funeral processions was good training for Chris.

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