Stormie’s Law

A murder victim’s mother is fighting to change how accused killers are released on bond.

According to police, Moriah Brocar’s daughter, 21-year-old Stormie Callison, was shot and killed by 32-year-old Archie Rogers, Jr. in Bartlett on February

In the affidavit, Rogers admitted to shooting Callison twice before fleeing the home where it happened. Rogers has been charged with first-degree murder. 

According to Williamson County court documents, detectives discovered Callison’s body in the master bedroom with gunshot wounds to her right leg and what appeared to be the right side of her head. She was pronounced dead on the scene. 

The documents state Rogers told authorities he met Callison on an adult website and they made an arrangement to meet at his home at 624 W. Jackson Street to have sex for $600. 

Rogers stated after they had sex, Callison raised the price to $1,000 and said she would call the police if he didn’t pay her.

Rogers stated he “freaked out” and pulled out his Smith & Wesson 9mm pistol from his nightstand and shot Callison in the leg. He then said he shot her again and left the house.

Rogers has been in the Williamson County Jail on a $500,000 bond since February 2. But Brocar is worried he will soon be free on bond if a Williamson County judge agrees to reduce it.

There is a hearing on May 16 where Rogers’ attorney, Robert M. Phillips, will plead before the judge to reduce Rogers’ bond.

The case will be heard by 277th District Court Judge Stacey Mathews.

Moriah Brocar started this petition to Texas State House and 2 others

To our Texas State Representatives:

I am writing this letter to bring awareness of the traumatic and emotional devastation to the loved ones of murder victims by allowing confessed murderers the right to bond out awaiting trial. My daughter, Stormie Callison, 21, was brutally murdered without cause in Bartlett, Tx on February 1, 2019. Upon the perpetrators arrest, he admitted and signed an affidavit, saying that he murdered her.

The bond was set at 500,000.00. He has been granted a hearing on May 16, 2019 to reduce his bond, so that he may remain free until trial. Our family is in shock and outraged that the perpetrator has this option.

Not only have we lost a daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin and aunt, we are now dealt another blow, her confessed murderer may be able to live a free life awaiting trial. My daughter was not given that option. Her life was taken by this man with no justification.

The emotional toil on the victims loved ones is brutal. Since the confessed murderer has the option of living free until trial, by posting bail, we now will have to look over our shoulders, not only worrying about our safety, but the safety of other innocent lives. Words cannot begin to express what this senseless act has done to Stormie’s loved ones.

I am writing to you, on behalf of all confessed murderers victims, their families and citizens of the state of Texas, to get a bill passed, abolishing the right to bond out for confessed murderers. We believe this is fair and just. We believe a confessed murderer should lose their right to walk free until trial. We believe that we have a right as citizens to breathe a little easier at night, during this horrific time, knowing the perpetrator is still locked up.

We want change now! The victims should not be put through anymore emotional trauma. We ask, we beg, of you to pass Stormie’s law, abolish the right of a confessed murderer to walk free until trial. The citizens of this great state of Texas deserve this peace of mind.


Moriah Brocar

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