PART 1 Leon County

-read by Jack

I’m going to tell you a story.  A true story.  A horrific true story.  This story even continues now, to this day.

In the state of Texas there is a rural area named Leon County.  Its about halfway between Dallas and Houston.  It has a lot of rolling hills and hardwood forest.  Reminds me a lot of the Carolina’s.

In this County of Leon, a number of suspicious deaths have taken place.  Very violent deaths.  Several people, and I do mean a lot, have died by gunshots.  All of these cases were ruled suicides.

Now in this story, we are specifically focusing on only 4.

Not the baker who hung himself after injecting 36 million dollars into crumbling bank with 3 employees after his buddy George was federal indicted on an 80 million dollar Ponzi scheme.



We are going to tell that story later.

Right now I want to focus on these 4 individuals, who were all neighbors in a small area 7 miles from the nearest town of Centerville.

Yes, that is in Leon County which we are talking about.

Now all 4 of these people died from a handgun.  A single shot, one bullet, bang.

In each case there was someone present when they died. One person.

In each case they died at their home.

In each case one person has profited from the death.

In each case the victim was vilified after the death and seemingly erased.

It’s as if they never even existed.

And that is strange too because all of these people were pillars of their community.

There was never any kind of an inquest or investigation done.  The coroner ruled the deaths suicide at the scene.  He was even waiting on the last death at the scene when the police arrived

There are no police reports.  No scene photographs.  No 911 call.  No witnesses that are willing to speak. (At least not in the County of Leon)

Except in one single case.  Yea one case and they actually destroyed a lot of the evidence in that 1 case . After they said the evidence in question never existed.

What happened here?  and why?

I encourage you to listen and discover for yourself.

Part 1

by Derek DeMasi

On December 8, 2010 Janice Wiillhelm was found dead in her recliner chair around 2:00pm central time.  She was shot in the neck with a .45 caliber pistol that was found 8 feet away.  One of the numerous odd things about this case is her hands were under a blanket.   According the autopsy report the bullet severed her spinal cord.  That would have caused immediate paralysis.  Yet the gun is so far, and her hands are under a blanket


The case was started by a 911 call made by her husband Gerald Willhelm.  He telephoned Leon County Texas 911 and told the operator, “I think my wife just shot herself”

What do you mean “you think she shot herself?  I mean was there some doubt?  Did he have trouble initially with that because someone else shot her?

In listening to the 911 call numerous red flags are raised.  Let’s try and stay in some kind of chronological order.  The entire 911 call is exactly 5 minutes and 56 seconds.  The distance from the location to the nearest town is 7 miles.  In the first 2 minutes of the call the 911 operator dispatches an ambulance and deputy to the scene.  She simultaneously keeps the caller, Gerald Willhelm on the telephone.

With that being the case, I am a little surprised that someone arrives at the end of the 911 call.  That would mean someone responded in less than 4 minutes.  It takes longer than that to travel to a neighbor’s home in this area.

It is really fascinating that when the deputy dispatched from the 911 operator arrives at the residence the county justice of the peace and coroner are already there.



So the deputy arrives on the scene within 15 minutes from the time of the call.  Everyone we have asked has stated that is about how long it takes to drive the 7 miles from town.  We are informed and have verified via google earth as well as google map.  That the route from Centerville Texas to the residence has numerous 45 mph turns and 2 double S curves.  It is a 2 lane Farm and Market Road and not a highway.   With that being said we ran a simulation several times along the route and what we came up with was this.  If the arriving deputy came from town, he drove slightly over the speed limit to arrive when he did, and he came straight there.  From Point A directly to point B.

Ok that makes perfect sense to me.  My question is this, how did the Justice of the Peace who is also the Leon County Coroner get there before him?  I am not even going to ask about the ambulance crew nor those from the Fire Department.

Why is the county coroner already at the scene in the middle of the week in the middle of the day?

Equally important. Why did the county coroner rule the death a suicide at the scene?

 This was before any inquest or investigation.  Unless maybe you add 5 minutes to the 911 call and make an argument there was a 10-minute investigation.

police report page 1




Curious enough on the top of the police report it states that the only suspect Gerald Willhelm was cleared by exception by then County Sheriff Jerry Wakefield.   I noticed on the arriving deputy Jerry Grimes report that the sheriff arrived on the scene and said he knew the suspect.

From what we have learned about Leon County, who you know can be very crucial there.

Why was the weapon, ammunition and the shell casing (of a different color than that in the magazine) all turned in with a Gun Powder Residue Kit (GSR) 2 days after the incident?

Why did they claim there was no gun powder residue kit….then they said it was lost

Note the police report was created in 2013.  3 years after it all took place.


According to the police report and autopsy report from the Dallas Medical Examiner the victim died due to single gunshot.  The bullet penetrated through her neck and traveled down severing her spinal cord and was removed from the body.

Why was it not tested as coming from the firearm?


Another point is that the Medical Examiner notes the results of a gun powder residue kit, GSR

These results were sent back to Leon County and signed by Deputy Jimmy Gifford who also accompanied the body to Dallas for the autopsy.  Interesting to say the least.

Where are the results from that gunpowder test?

Initially the Leon County Sheriff Department said it does not exist because one was not done.  Well its recorded on the autopsy.  A private investigator learned this which he reported to the attorney he worked for and they got a subpoena.

At this point the Leon County Sheriffs Department said they must have lost the test results.  That only makes me even more suspicious.

I am reading the police report here and a supplemental report was added after these issues were raised

So, the spent shell casing is silver.  The bullets in the magazine of the weapon are gold.  Was it the same weapon that discharged the bullet with the silver casing?   All this gathered evidence was returned to Gerald Willhelm several days later.  I wonder if they gave him the results of the gunpowder residue test as well?


Lets touch on another interesting thing about this case.  Prior to the death of Janice Willhelm there were 3 other deaths all by neighbors and all by the same method of death.   The first was a Melissa Peirce a woman around 30 who shot herself.  We are told by none other than Leon County Sheriff Department that the witness in the residence at the time of her death was her father.  At the time he was the County Judge.  He did not reside at the same residence either.  Evidently, he went to check her on and her husband was at work.  Interesting enough we were told by more than individual in Centerville Texas that Melissa has made allegations just before her death that she was sexually abused as a child by her father.  Who consequently was the elected county judge and found her dead.  His brother was a retired highway patrolman and the Sheriff of the county next to Leon.  Today they are all deceased.  Ironically Mellissa’s father passed away not long after.  Unfortunately, we have no record of the death or any investigation.  Per Leon County Texas there is no police report.  There are no scene photos.  There is no 911 call.  There was no autopsy.


In the past when the few reporters covering these deaths asked questions, they were met with absolutely no information and no records.  The few who would speak to them would only speak in whispers and insisted they remain anonymous.  Others were angry and challenged the fact the person was even brought up.


The second death was a very benevolent member of the community.  For many years he had the largest payroll in the county employing more people than anyone else.  Morris Robeson.  After the Second World War he built a lumber mill (saw mill) ?  This operated until the early 1970s when he retired and raised cattle, grew some small crops and enjoyed fishing.  In later years he operated an auto repair for foreign vehicles.  The first and only in the area I am told.


Numerous family members have stated he was of sound mind up to his death.  The problem was his body was deteriorating in the sense he could not be as active as he was before.  He still walked around his property (over 50 acres) drove and enjoyed reading.  His nephew Kenneth Thomas and a niece, Mary Johnson have both stated that during the last 6 months of his life his son, Sam Robeson was applying pressure to both his father and mother.  He wanted them to sell the property and move to Palestine Texas and reside in an apartment that was basically assisted living.


One nephew, James Thomas specifically told us that a few years ago he was in the Leon County Sheriffs office speaking to the deputy Jimmy Gifford on another matter and they began to talk about his uncle Morris.  The nephew, James Thomas and his wife both stated that Jimmy looked around and ensuring they were alone told them that he knew for a face Morris Robeson did not shoot himself.

My question then is why?

………………watch the broadcast                

“the floggings will continue until morale improves”


You can read the entire police report here



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