Sun Shiny Milk in Madisonville

“I have relayed to my officers we shall not get into politics but it’s election season so guess what it’s viewed that were in the middle of politics. We got drug into it. That’s the bottom line.”

 – and that is not exactly what they did.  They created the situation as an opportunity for politics

“Dave Ward defacto leader of Madisonville, the new “boss” wants to replace Brian Risinger with Courtney Cain and that is exactly what he did.  He even got the Madisonville PD to help!  Chief Gilbert claims that the current DA, Brian Risinger tried to bribe them.  Sgt William Goodwin is heard on an audio recording in which Risinger request him to delay arresting someone until after the election.  However he offers nothing in return and even states he understands if they do not wish too.  They chose until the week before voting to come out with it.  They released it to KBTX in Bryan to be aired on television, the newspapers.”  –  Madisonville Sheriff Deputy


Hold up there…. this audio is from December?  Why did they wait until a week before the election?  

Meanwhile the Texas Rangers say its not bribery and dropped it.   Did Sgt Goodwin or Chief Gilbert inform the Texas AG?  No of course not it was a political stunt designed to derail Brian Risinger and replace him with Courtney Cain.

Note the full page advertisement for Courtney Cain above the story on the front page

When this was published the Texas Rangers has already said this was not bribery…. oh but the Madisonville Police already knew that

Jonathan Deeley, Publisher and Campbell Atkins, Managing Editor – You chose to place a front page political advertisement for Courtney Cain right above the front page story regarding the alleged bribery. No arrests or indictments made. Just an accusation and you chose to publish it front page the day before voting.

Totally balanced and non biased journalism right

Dirty Cops in Madisonville… nothing new

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