The Endless Corruption Of Montgomery County Texas

Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough successfully made it out of surgery Thursday night after his vehicle crashed into a parked deputy constable’s vehicle earlier in the day.

A spokesman for Keough said the judge was on his way to a meeting when he crashed into the cruiser in The Woodlands.

He said Keough, a deputy constable from Montgomery County Precinct 5 and a third driver were taken to a hospital after the crash. The spokesman said Keough suffered some broken bones but was stable and alert.

Keough underwent surgery to get his pelvis and hip reconstructed, officials said. He is being checked by doctors and resting.

The deputy constable was released Thursday evening and is recovering at home.

“Please keep the deputy and judge in your thoughts and prayers,” Keough’s spokesman said in a statement.

“Please keep the deputy and judge in your thoughts and prayers,” Keough’s spokesman said?  They could care less about the third person injured.

Has the deputy constable whose vehicle was impacted by the judge yet started a Go Fund Me account to help the judge defray medical expenses?

The cause of the crash is under “whitewash”

There were other corrupt Judges in Montgomery County.

The County government’s reputation as “most corrupt in Texas” resulted in an important change to the Republican Party of Texas Platform during the 2018 Texas Republican Convention in San Antonio. 

The corruption of County Judge Craig Doyal was endless. The “Hit List,” nepotism, multi-million dollar conflicts of interest, enforced secrecy, and at least one more item which is frosting on the cake mark his tenure.

During a presentation at a past Montgomery County Tea Party meeting, a Houston attorney discussed the fact that Montgomery County’s government is known for two attributes more than any other:

(1) it’s run by the “good ol boy system”


(2) it’s “the most corrupt County in all of Texas.”

County Attorney Jerry Don “Ice Man” Lambright, who, rather than serving in his function as the elected County Attorney, has descended into acting as Craig Doyal’s personal attorney, turned so red in the face during the presentation that some of those in attendance were worried they’d need to call an ambulance.

The “Hit List”

After Doyal defeated County Infrastructure Director Mark Bosma in the 2014 Republican Runoff Election, Doyal developed a “Hit List” of County government employees whom he wanted to eliminate. The “Hit List” was no secret.

Doyal was proud of his list and publicized it. The list includes Bosma (Doyal terminated him), Purchasing Director Darlou Zenor (Doyal terminated her), Human Resources Director Dodi Shaw (she’s renowned for fighting back in a February 13, 2017, letter, distributed far and wide), Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack (Doyal’s at war with him now), District Attorney Brett Ligon (Doyal tries to ignore Ligon who’s too effective for Doyal to topple), and Precinct 2 Constable Gene DeForest, among several others.

Although Doyal has, at times, denied the existence of the “Hit List,” there are too many occasions where he’s discussed it with other County officials and too many occasions where they objects of Doyal’s wrath have mentioned the list as well. Shaw’s February 13, 2017, letter specifically addressed the “Hit List” explicitly. She begged Doyal to accept her pledge of fealty to him and reminded him in the letter that she has attempted to pledge her loyalty to him for two years. Shaw has sounded more like one of the family bosses pledging her loyal to Don Corleone than a county department manager. On Wednesday, February 22, 2017, Shaw met with County Attorney Lambright for more than two hours and expressed fear for her job during the meeting. 

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