The Murders of Wichita Falls that Authorities would rather be forgotten

New information has surfaced in reference to what ROBSTOWN suspects to be the apparent murder of Jessie David Barnes, a Wichita Falls native whose torso was found underneath a Robstown bridge . [In this section ROBSTOWN will provide some evidence that points at those intending to target him. And it focuses on some elemental details that might link it to another murder which took place in Wichita Falls]
On the same year (2015) that Jesse David Barnes disappeared, his ex-wife — April Barnes (who runs by other names), and who had made threats beforehand, went to the school where their kids were enrolled and took them with her despite the fact that their files were FLAGGED by Child Protective Services. And thus and so, she took them (kids) to her parents and/or grandparents.
It was the last place Jessie David Barnes (according to a close-knit circle as well as his mom) wanted them to end up. Before that event, the three kids had been living with Barnes — and his mom, Joy Amyx, who assisted with both the caretaking and the upbringing of the children in question.
The year before Jessie Barnes disappeared, his ex (April) had initially started a relationship with a local ruffian and hooligan with a crime record named Jamie Pruett. Her intent, the data suggests, was to use Pruett to instigate trouble and to intimidate and hound and petrify her ex-husband.
Her plan seemed to be falling into place; Pruett send various racially charged threats aimed at Barnes. The cited have been documented by iROBSTOWN (copies of social media postings as well as personal interviews with residents that will be shared with our readers at a future date). The relationship between April and Pruett lasted from 2014 until 2018.
April, after Jessie Barnes went missing, ventured as far as to forewarn law enforcement officers that they would shocked when they found her ex.
But during that socially defined timeline (i.e., the years she spend amidst Jamie Pruett’s orbital network), Pruett’s ex (Misty Pruett) confided in April about another murder which had taken place a few years earlier — that is, the murder of Tamara Jean Holcknecht who was found face down on a pond behind a home on the 1700s block of Fairfax Ave on March 28, 2007, in Wichita Falls. The local medical examiner and specialists in the field felt Ms. Holcknecht was not murdered there, but had been transferred to that particular site. Big mistake?
Let examine the secretive info that was supposedly shared. It has been expressed by some parties that Misty Pruett confided in April about the fact that she was a person of interest in the crime. Some sources suspect Misty confessed to April — outlining her entire role in the affair.
Other sources have claimed that at some point in the relationship (between April and Jamie [Pruett]), April used the information to attempt to control him. “He (Jamie Pruett) did not want Misty (Pruett) to go to prison,” a confidential source told ROBSSTOWN.
At some point after that happening, April entered a half-way house because, according to her, Jamie Pruett would beat her up physically on a regular basis. The aforementioned was documented. She was also dealing with drug dependency issues. A post does appear on one of her FACEBOOK accounts where she seems to be apologizing to the suspected party (and her circle) for divulging touchy details.
ROBSTOWN was told by one anonymous source, “Now April (Barnes) has been reported as missing by her parents/grandparents: she left the three kids she had with Jessie Barnes behind.”
The late Jessie Barnes’ mom, Joy Amyx, had requested that her son’s body be transported back to Wichita Falls where she resides during the holidays. She said that Nueces County officials told initially they could not find the remains. Recently, they told her they had tracked them down, but she would have to pay around $2500 to have what was left of the body transported home. She was given an last-chance: “If you don’t come up with the money, then his remains will be buried here in this county.”
Ms. Amyx said she wanted to have a burial ceremony (with all the family and kids present) to bit her son farewell. It was the humane thing to do and to bring some closure to a horrific turn of events ROBSTOWN did attempt to contact both the Nueces County Judge as well as the county’s medical examiner, but they have not returned calls. ROBSTOWN will pay them a personal visit after the new year’s celebrations are over.
Law enforcement entities both in Wichita Falls and Nueces County have shown very little interest in this case. “It seems that Wichita Falls Law Enforcement agencies have dropped the ball on this matter,” the out-going Police Chief said in Robstown.
(more to come — a developing story… more details in a few hours)
A man on April 3, 2018 walked into the Robstown Police Department building panting that he had found the torso remains of a man or woman underneath a Robstown bridge. [Consider that the body parts had been already badly decomposed (sophisticated DNA tests had to be used and other specialized methods to decipher the anatomical structure and identity via comparative correlations.]
Later (in fact, in the last month of November), it would be pointed-out by forensic specialists that the limited remains belonged to Jessie David Barnes, a Wichita Falls native and a father to four children.
Sources that maintained a close relationship with the victim suspect foul play. Barnes, 35, before going missing on 2015 (he disappeared four and a half years before) was afraid to leave his home in Wichita Falls; he kept his reasons low-key. He was receiving multiple death threats over the phone and via messengers. Thus and consequently, after he disappeared his domicile was set on fire and his personal belongings were being sold on the street by some uninviting parties.
February of 2015 — this is the exact date the family of Jessie David Barnes ceased to know his whereabouts.
According to Barnes’ mother — Joy Amyx — “He had gotten paid at work and it was the last day of his work … He was going to go and pay the rent and fix his truck and buy groceries and be home.”
Barnes never came back. A local Wichita Falls TV station reported: “Surveillance video showed Barnes getting gas at United Market Street on Feb. 23, 2015.”
“But what is the story behind the story?” — this question was recurring. The curiosity had become contagious.
Barnes has been described as a person who would never just pack up and leave his parents and four children without a sensible reason. It was against his nature.
Wichita Falls Detective David Raines was placed in charge of the case. Some factoids: Barnes gas up his vehicle — and records note he was stopped for speeding by law enforcement in Freer, Texas (an isolated community in South Texas) while driving his Ford Explorer. His vehicle was impounded on-the-grounds that he had no insurance.
Barnes was taken to the police station and he was asked if he wanted to use their phone to call someone. He declined. According to one officer: “He pulled out a cell phone and made a call, then left without his vehicle.”
By the time Freer police had ran the license plate they realized Barnes was no where to be found — and resultantly had mysteriously fled from the location. After that incident, some believe he remained in the region.
Wait!!  The police ran the license plate when they pull over the suspect. Once Jessie Barnes was detained for no insurance they would have ran his drivers license also.
Are the Police Lying?
His family would not hear word of him until his remains were reported to the Robstown Police Department. The remains (only parts of his upper torso were found — no head) were later identified by the University of North Texas Forensic Science Program to be those of Barnes.
His family made it known that Barnes had voiced on a few occasions that he wanted to live on “the beach in south Texas.” Of course, troubles were hovering in back of his mind, and he was mapping out a plan, mapping out an ideal cover of escape in his head. But the lingering question ticking among those in his immediate orbit back home was one: “Why did he want to disappear from specifically?”
Some inside his close-knit circle surmise Barnes was running from a tenebrific cloud of enraged rivals who had turned him into a target. One rival in particular had called him a “nigger snitch” on a post in social media. He also received several menacing threats from inside prison walls via various communication methods.
One messaged him: “Once a nigger; always a nigger…” Word circulates that among Barnes’ remains his head and other parts were never discovered in that they were kept as trophies. A crazy quilt of conspiracy theories have emerged. Or was there a deviant element that was capable of the aforementioned? — this question is a persistent one among those in his coil trying to find answers.
The concern of one of the family members is that Barnes’ head might have been kept as a trophy; and a trophy (if bizarre deviance is involved) is in essence a souvenir. ” In the context of violent behavior or murder, keeping a part of the victim as a trophy represents power over that individual and those loved ones who surrounded him,” explained Dr. Joe Villarreal. “The most common trophies for violent offenders are body parts”
Villarreal’s explanation is echoed by Dr. Mark Griffiths, a psychologist with the International Gaming Institute. He writes: “I have always been interested in why we have what seems like an innate ability to collect. I would almost go as far as to say that we are ‘natural born hoarders.'”
His ex-wife — April Barnes (who had been cited by Child Protective Services and mandated to keep a distance from the kids she had with Jessie David Barnes) told detectives when they inquired as to his whereabouts a few years ago, said the community would be shocked when they found him (according to an inside source who recorded a compromising discussion).
This is Megan Sanders. She was only 24 years old when she was found deceased in a field off of Sheppard Access Rd. June 2010. Approximately 1.9 miles from where Mousey was found. Her Sister posted these pics earlier. I have wondered so MANY times about what happened to Megan. She too had connections to Henrietta Texas. She knew some of the very same people that Mousey knew. I don’t know if they knew each other. .. This is what the WFPD had to say about just discovering her “body.”
“Wichita Falls PD tells News channel 6 they have ruled out homicide or murder in her death.”
“A guy that was driving his truck on this dirt road found a body. Detectives responded to the scene,” said Sergeant Joe Snyder of the Wichita Falls Police Department on Saturday.
Detectives have not yet determine how she died, but do not believe that she was murdered. The case will remain open.”
… Will remain open? There has been no effort on Megan’s case. Nothing.
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