The Pain of Injustice

For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all. ~ Luke 8:17

(Facts can be shown through open records–witness statements, text messages, photos, Sherman PD police reports, recordings & God’s Word)

by Kimberly Mullens

Wednesday night on May 13, 2015, Amanda and Brayan got into a “big fight” over money. He stole $100 from her, and they fought over it. He told her to be out of the house by 7:00 pm or he would kill her. She told two people (witness statements) the next day that they got into this big fight the night before, it was regarding money he had stolen from her, and she needed to get out. A third witness reports overhearing the conversation.

She had been putting money back to move and get away from him for months. In April 2015, she had given me power of attorney for her son so I could get him enrolled in school and on our health insurance. She made me promise her it was temporary & I would never take Jordan from her…she told me she had been putting money away to get her and Jordan a place, and hoping it was soon. Also, she told Jordan the plan, and that gave him hope to be reunited with her in their own place. There was a plan in motion to leave this abusive relationship.

Amanda called into work Thursday morning and said she would not be there.

10:12 am – I received a call from an unknown number. Then a text message from the same number. It was Amanda. “needing Amber’s # plez”. I looked for it, then tried to call back. She texted she had it, and would call Jordan (her son) later. Love yall.

10:20 am – Justin (my husband) talked to Amanda, she was asking him if he had Amber’s number.

10:39 – Dustin spoke to Amanda. She was asking for Amber’s number, told him she had to be out of the house by 7:00 pm, and that they had a “huge fight” over Brayan stealing $100 from her the night before.

11:00-12:00 – Amber began receiving calls from Amanda. She told her she would call her after work.

5:09 pm – Brayan clocked out from work at STAR Aircraft, 6.2 miles from their house.

5:15 pm – Amanda walked to a neighbor’s house to borrow a phone to call Amber.

  • She told her she was scared that Brayan was going to kill her if she wasn’t out of the house by 7:00 pm.
  • That he had been choking her a lot lately and if he did it again he was going to kill her.
  • They agreed that Amanda would ask Brayan if she could stay one more night because of transportation issue.
  • Amanda was to call her back and let her know either way.
  • The neighbor overheard Amanda saying “You need to come get me, I need to be out of the house by seven tonight”.  She asked if Amanda needed help, she said she was ok now, and headed back to the apartment/house.
  • The neighbor noticed a large bruise on her chest and asked what happened? She told her she was used as a punching bag a few days ago.

~6:00 pm Brayan arrived home per his initial statement to responding officers & the statement given by the housemate, David, who lived downstairs. (*Note this time will change in Detective Jeff Jones’ report from a later interview at the scene). David never changed his statement that Brayan got home about 6:00 pm.

Between 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, this is basically happened (depends on which police report & who Brayan was talking to)

  • He returned home from work (time varies depending on report) Consistency is from the man who lived in the house, David, said he got home around 6:00 pm.
  • He told me he thought he saw her sitting in the window when he got home.
  • He was unable to find her in their one room apartment at first, changed clothes in the closet, called her name, went downstairs, then back into the closet where he saw her feet sticking out from the clothes, he thought she was sitting on her knees praying, facing the wall. (see responding officer’s photos of closet below)
  • He realized she was hanging, and broke the electrical with his hands to free her.
  • Walked down, yelled down, beat on the floor to get David’s attention (not sure because Brayan’s story changes). David said he knocked on the door asking for help. They went upstairs, attempted CPR 10-15 minutes, Brayan said she moved in his arms & opened her eyes, David said she was dead and cold.
  • Brayan had David call 9-1-1.

7:16 pm – Sherman PD dispatch received a call of an attempted suicide.

7:22 pm – 2 Sherman police arrive to find David and Brayan downstairs to answer the door. No one  was with Amanda upstairs performing CPR as stated.

7:25 – EMS arrive, lips blue, pink & warm, no pulse. Transported to WNJ. Revived on way to hospital.

Between 8:00 pm and 10:30 pm

  • Audio recording of Brayan’s statement-He said he got off work, stopped by the gas station to get cash, and drove straight home. Told him the path he took. This account differs on Jones’ official written statement.
  • Missed call from Amanda/Brayan’s phone. Jordan called back to Brayan being hysterical
  • Someone from law enforcement took the phone and said Amanda was at the hospital, she tried to take her life
  • We received a call during the drive to the hospital from Officer Boyle. He explained what had happened, her condition, that a CID was requested and Detective Jones would respond. He told fellow officers that he had been contacted by family members in the past about their violent relationship. We had also talked to him about his outstanding warrants related to a previous assault and his illegal immigration status. (see jail records and public criminal case records below)
  • Text messaging with Brayan about Amanda, and what happened

After 10:30 pm we arrived at the hospital, and was interviewed by Detective Jeff Jones prior to seeing Amanda. He told us what happened and asked about her mental health history. I explained the questionable incident that involved Brayan six months earlier, her depression, and alcohol use.  He basically shut his notebook, and it was over.

We walked into the ICU area and was greeted by a nurse. She told us the boyfriend and his friends explained that Amanda had no family, they took her children away, and locked her up in a mental hospital. She also said that he explained the bruise on her chest was from CPR. The group of men were standing around her bed and we had them escorted out.

Sometime from when she woke that morning until David called 9-1-1, she packed her clothes and personal items. She had her overnight bag by the front door. Garbage bag(s) full of clothes in the room.

Amanda drank enough beer to have a blood alcohol of 382. She had walked to the neighbors at 515 pm to use the phone. Neighbor could tell she had been drinking, but able to communicate well, and walk back to her upstairs apartment without difficulty.

This was day 2…. to be continued

Image 5-13-19 at 9.57 PM
Jones Scene Photo
Jones Scene Photo
Jones Scene Photo
Jones Scene Photo
Jones Scene Photo
Jones Ligature Photo
Jones Ligature Photo
Det Jones' Photo #1
Det Jones' Photo #2
Image 5-14-19 at 9.30 PM
5/15/15 Brayan text message
packed bags
packed bag by front door
packed by the front door
Screenshot 2019-01-13 16.02.18
Brayans Jail Records
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Brayans Criminal Case Records

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