The tale of two boys in Palestine Texas



Sometimes you just make you shake your head in amazement.  When you have an Attorney advise you that a child is better off being “supervised” by the juvenile court rather than stand before a Judge and face his “charges”, it makes you wonder.  Juveniles have no Civil Rights? 

Texas Courts have decided that it easier to rehabilitate a Juvenile and have geared the procedures through the Family Courts with those intentions.  But what if the those left to do the supervision themselves need some rehab?  What if they don’t follow the rules?  What if the intent is really used toward an innocent rather than a problemed kid on the wrong path?


That brings me to Carter Gentry’s parents, Chad and Tammy.  By reading their Facebook posts and website they have begun to bring awareness to what they feel is an injustice Anderson County Texas is dishing out to their 17-year-old son, you can tell they are a loving and caring family at their wits end. After reading the story you can understand how they feel that way.

They ask a very vailed question that I believe any parent would want to know.  One, if you have solid evidence against their son, why not charge him?  Two, if he had, yes, had a co-defendant with the same arrested on the same charges, why has those charges been dropped and not Carter’s.

In September of 2019 Carter Gentry was charged and arrested for “stalking”.  In the original story on TPC it lays out the Romeo and Juliet story…  Young love gone wrong.  These two teens are not the first to have broken hearts and acted somewhat foolish over it.  What concerns me more here is the way the Adults, including but not limited the Anderson County Sheriff Department and the Anderson County District Attorney, have acted. 

Could Carter have been arrested at home in the sight of caring and concerned family members?  I’m sure, but that is not what happened.  Who called and set-up the arrest?  He was arrested by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department at school in front of his peers and the glaring eyes of the young girl’s family.  Basically, a spectacle that I am sure the Cayuga High School will talk about for years. Ironically, now some seem upset about the Social Media attention.  Did you take that into consideration when you made his arrest a public spectacle?

September 13, 2019 Carter is in Jail.  Does he have rights now that he is in custody? Were procedures followed?  How did Carter’s phone not go to the property lock-up?  How did his phone make its way back to Palestine and spend the weekend at the house of the Anderson County Juvenile Officers address according the life360 app on Carter’s phone?  When it was finally transferred to property with a warrant, that was later found to be no good, how did the phone get returned to the Gentry’s wiped clean after only being in the hands of the Anderson County Juvenile officers? 


Reading his conditions for release and considering he hasn’t been formally charged by the Anderson County DA, they seem extreme.  His conditions for release are 1. He can no longer live in or visit Anderson County. (the family’s home is in Anderson County) 2.  He has an ankle monitor that cost’s $300 a month.  3.  He has to be within 10 feet of a guardian at all times.  4. No cell phone.  5. No Computer. 6. No Social Media of any kind. 7. No television.  8.  Mandatory counseling weekly at his expense. 9. He can have no contact with co-defendant Dylan.

The only thing that I can see that is positive in this situation is the recent dropping of charges against Carter’s Co-Defendant Dylan.  After a lengthy stand-off between the Anderson County DA which I’m sure might have been in intimidation tactic , charges were dropped on July 29. 2020. 

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