Waco Sheriffs Wife Rules the Roost

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Do you think I could have gotten my husband to “hold my purse” or “come get my Louie Vouitton”, oh, hell no. Do you think that you or I could tell our husband’s employees that they were “profiting” from him? Oh, hell no. Charlotte McNamara, it seems, is the Sheriff for all intents and purposes. Since Par has been MIA on the beach or out somewhere enjoying his new stuff, RV’s, tucks, on and on, everyone’s been talking. Oh, well, don’t worry, Parnell doesn’t need the MEMORY CENTER, he has a center, the center of the universe, Charlotte. 

I found Charlotte a bit unreasonable myself. She called me a few years ago wanting to go to lunch with me, Par, and some of the deputies over at the S.O. Sounds like fun, right? Just what we all want to do, go eat greasy chicken with Sheriff’s suck ups who hate us, in a building loaded up with obese people and the place smells like fart. No, thanks. See, she thought I had wrong information about the death of Mike McNamara and the moving of his body. Right?

So, I asked her, “Have you heard the 911 tape?”


“Well, then I guess we have nothing to talk about.”, I said, and that was the end of that. She couldn’t bear listening to it because she knows the truth and for the life of her just cannot make the bullsh#t stick that clears Parnell. Get REAL HERE.

Charlotte’s Web was so intense that the “Matt” she talks about, an ex Ranger, had enough and left, guess seeing his ole buddy turn into a big wus for Char was too much. Parnell certainly was not henpecked by wife number one. Nope. Now, Parnell has Charlotte. Hadn’t been for Charlotte, little Sherre Johnston would’ve never gotten that show search at her house , you know Par did that for Char, but, none of those records EVER made it to the DA’s office and the stolen canteens and other sentimental crap is strewn all over Parnell’s office, as proven by photos where the canteens etc. are right there. 

The Sheriff’s department in its official capacity searched Sherre Johnston’s house and NEVER sent it to the DA. Nope. This was all to appease the REAL SHERIFF, Charlotte. Unfortunately, Charlotte has not done very well controlling Parnell and Sherre Johnston who obviously still “talk” as seen by the October 2020 ‘Complaint” by Sherre taken to the DA by Sherre’s loverboy Parnell.

Wow. Hard for Charlotte to wrangle in Par, the deputies, and Parnell’s “Posse” of women. Too bad Parnell can’t get Sherre to behave, maybe he should turn the REAL SHERIFF lose on her.

Charlotte has quite the appetite for power, Parnell, well, he just likes to look good in front of the camera saving either a helpless animal or a virgin working at a rub and tug or buffet. Too bad the virgin won’t mean much when the hand jobee is a BANKER OR TWO, oh, hell THREE, the daddy of a famous person on tv here, and his own banker. Uh oh. Forever loans.

Charlotte McNamara writes, “If you guys want to keep your jobs, you better keep me happy and not worry about Parnell being happy”

What the fuck does happiness have to do with it? The man is a public servant, or was supposed to be.

Too bad Charlotte can’t control Sherre Johnston OR her “cowboy” Par when it comes to Sherre Johnston. Uh oh.

Hey Charlotte, maybe you should look at those nude pics on Mike McNamara’s phone, they’re still there. 

What a gawddamned joke this is.

No wonder I get angry and hopeless letters from the Sheriff’s department.

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