The Blessed Peace Maker who strayed aside

Last year Tim Dean proudly cited a Bible verse, “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called Children of God” – Mathew 5:9

Things were better for Tim last year too. He was the police chief of a small town. Was in a relationship with a pretty girl and helping to raise her 2 kids. Then things went South, for Tim it was actually North and then North again.

The West Texas policemen, or former policemen actually, committed a murder hit in New York back in October 2018. Right before Halloween a young couple was shot to death in their front yard in broad daylight.  New York authorities wasted no time investigating the case and have 3 people from Texas in custody as of this month. Lets go to the beginning.


In October 2018 a young couple was shot to death at their home in Sodus New York. A small town located in upstate New York of about 8,000 on Lake Ontario’s southern shore.  Witnesses said two people who lived at the home were shot – one male and one female. The female victim was backing up and trying to flee in the car.  County Sheriff’s deputies responded by shutting down a large section of town that day.  The incident unfolded near the Sodus Central School District where the schools were placed temporarily on lockdown, and remained closed the following day while the incident was investigated.  It was believed the suspect had escaped by foot and a search was conducted based upon witness description.


The Oct. 22 shooting claimed the lives of Joshua Niles, 28, and his girlfriend, Amber Washburn, 24.  Niles and Washburn were outside of their home in their town outside of Rochester last Monday at around 2pm when someone wearing a hood shot Joshua.  The couple had lived on the street for less than a year, and police are saying this was a targeted hit on the couple.


The couple’s neighbor, Anthony Mancine, who witnessed the shooting first hand, stated.


“I heard what I thought was fireworks then I glanced over there, saw a guy fall under the car.’

He crumpled under the car before the suspect turned to Amber and shot her while she was still inside the vehicle.

After the horrific shooting the individual fired several more rounds into Joshua, before fleeing off on foot.

The couple’s three-month-old baby was in the backseat of the car, and was unharmed.”


He added ‘The person [suspect] was shooting like six to seven rounds.’


Mancine called 911 immediately.


‘As I was talking to 911, the person turned and shot at the girl in the car,’ Mancine added.


‘Then the person [suspect] turned and shot at the individual on the ground and fired another six to seven shots into him.’


A vigil was held for the victims 2 days later that a Texas woman attended. Charlene Childers, a former girlfriend of the Joshua Niles and the mother of 2 of his children. She was broadcasted by a local television station at the vigil making a statement about the crime.


‘It’s not something that you ever want to find out, the most I have to say to ya’ll is justice needs to be served. My kids need that closure because whoever did it, has now made it to where my kids grow up without a dad and that’s nothing a kid should ever have to do,

-Charlene Childers


Her wish evidently was granted as she was arrested in New York a short time later before she could pack her bag to return to Texas. No the kids were not going with her.


Friends and relatives said Niles had recently won custody of his and Childers’ 9-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son.  Her husband Tim Dean who had previously been the police chief of Sunray Texas and a police officer in Dumas Texas before that had recently resigned his position.  He was charged with injury to a child.  The children of Niles and Charlene.


Investigators in New York lost no time in connecting the dots in this case. Two Texas law enforcement officers and one of their wives quickly became the center of an investigation into a double homicide.   Charlene Childers, whose husband is accused of the murders, is Niles’ ex-girlfriend and the mother of two of his other children. Police do not have evidence of Childers being in New York on the day of the killings, but they believe her husband, 32-year-old Timothy Dean had driven 1,400 miles from Texas to get there.


“It’s our belief that Dean pulled the trigger,” Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts said.


Dean, the former police chief of the Texas Panhandle city of Sunray, was charged Monday with first- and second-degree murder and conspiracy in the slayings. Childers, 25, was charged with conspiracy the same day.



And on the following Wednesday, authorities said they arrested a third suspect at his Texas home, 34-year-old Bron Bohlar, on a warrant for conspiracy. Bohlar was most recently an officer in Sunray Texas.


Bron Bohlar, 34, was taken into custody at his residence in Dumas, Texas, for a warrant issued in Wayne County for second-degree conspiracy.


The complaint alleges that Bohlar was part of the conspiracy that led to the slaying of Joshua Niles, 28 and Amber Washburn, 24, police said.


There was no immediate information from authorities in Texas or New York on attorneys who could comment on the defendants’ behalf.


When the charges against Childers and Dean were announced Monday night, Childers was already in the Wayne County jail, and Dean was in custody in Texas on unrelated charges stemming from child-injury allegations. Both were arrested a week after the slayings.  Deputies say the motive for the murder was the custody dispute between Childers and Niles, her ex-boyfriend.


Authorities said Childers was found with a 9mm handgun. Niles and Washburn were shot with a 9mm firearm, but the exact type isn’t known, Virts said.


Investigators were still trying to learn details of Childers’ and Dean’s travels before the shooting, but police have said they believe Childers was in Texas when it occurred, despite her attendance at a vigil for the victims held in Sodus two days after the slayings.


“We have no indication that she was in our jurisdiction on the date of the shooting,” Wayne County District Attorney Michael Caralco said.


Dean is believed to have driven the 2,800-mile roundtrip from Sunray to Sodus, Caralco said. There is no timeline yet for when Dean will be extradited to New York, he said.


Dean was head of the three-member Sunray police force from October 2016 to June 2018, resigning about a month after his arrest on a charge of injury to a child, Texas officials said. Prior to that he was a police officer in Dumas, Texas.  Both Dean and Bohlar had worked together as policemen in Dumas Texas previously.


Bohlar and Dean were both initially held in custody in Texas and were recently extradited to New York. First Bohlar and then Dean.  Bohlar made an appearance in a town court in upstate New York where prosecutors arraigned him on a conspiracy charge. His lawyer, James Riotto, called the charges inconsistent with Bohlar’s career in law enforcement.   Police say Dean carried out the shooting while Bohlar and Childers helped plan it.   Bohlar is accused of helping Dean rent a vehicle as part of the murder.


Timothy Dean has been indicted on murder charges for the shooting. He was arraigned today, November 28, 2018 at 3:30 p.m.

Childers also appeared in court today this afternoon for arraignment on the murder indictment.

Previously, Childers had only faced a conspiracy charge related to the deaths of Joshua Niles and his girlfriend Amber Washburn.

Now, she’s charged with murder, criminal possession of a weapon and conspiracy.


Childers pleaded not guilty to those charges and is being held without bail.

They all are currently being held in the Wayne County Jail.

The crime took place October 2018 and before December suspects were investigated, charged and extradited to New York.


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