What Lurks in the Dark, a Pedo Cowboy in Conroe Texas

by Lady Justice

Michael Hogan of Triple H Horse Farm in Conroe Texas was arrested for the first time in 2017. He was charged with sexually assaulting a child.  Hogan, who had no criminal background at the time, engaged in sex at a hotel with the girl he was training at his farm.

He communicated with the girl over social media for months on platforms like Snapchat and “interjected himself into their world and started feeding on their weaknesses.”

Since posting the news of Hogan’s arrest Thursday on social media, at least one other victim of alleged sexual assault has come forward, then another and then another.

The year before a family who has been friends with the Hogans for years fell into a bitter feud. They operated several fireworks stands. They accused Michael of having sexual relations with a teenage daughter, a minor. The charge never resulted in an arrest.

Why the Montgomery County Sheriffs Department never investigated the case remains unclear.  The Montgomery County Constable 3 took up the torch with the 2017 complaints.

Hogan plead guilty and accepted a plea deal. Five years for the crimes he has committed towards children is insulting and laughable. With good behavior he will do two and be free on the streets to stalk, groom, harass and rape minors. This wasn’t a win for the victims’ families this was a consolation prize to shut them up after years of allowing this monster to run free, to prey on girls who haven’t even begun to understand the world around them.

The dangers on social media for our youth cannot be emphasized enough. Not only is it a conduit for drama, bullying, drug dealing but it’s an open window a predator can walk into your home anytime, without you knowing. Parents often fool themselves into believing that because they monitor children’s social media accounts they KNOW everything that happens in their online lives. It is a false sense of security. Telling your kid’s, they aren’t allowed to use social media, doesn’t ensure they won’t. These companies have made programs that allow them to have secret hidden accounts, messages disappear after reading.

Kid’s also get old phones from friends at school, that they use on WIFI, and their parents don’t even know the phones exist. Communication is key with your children in this day and age. Make sure they feel like they can come to you, without fear of punishment if they get harassed or contacted online. Social media has also become a successful tool in the sex trafficking business.

They will befriend, groom and eventually lure children into sex trafficking. Buyers don’t want troubled kids from bad homes, they want middle class kids from decent homes who may be struggling with something in life. These people are very good at smelling weakness and building trust. Do not believe males are immune from being selected. Males get sold into sex trafficking as often as females.

This story isn’t about sex trafficking, this story is scarier. A local business owner in Montgomery County who owns a horse-riding training business, Triple H Horse Farm. Can you think of a better way to lure in teenage girls? For years Michael Ryan Hogan has preyed on the youth of Montgomery County, without fear of consequences and with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s department completely aware, yet completely unconcerned.

Why would the police not care, not investigate? Likely because of who his father is, protecting his father from the embarrassments of his son. John Hogan, who also co owns Triple Horse Farm has been a long-standing supporter of the Montgomery County Republican party, always good for a generous contribution. 

Sam Cammack, Hogan’s defense attorney would like to paint Hogan as the victim. A loving man, productive member of society and local business owner whose family is being targeted for political reasons. That’s what lawyers get paid to do, doesn’t make it fact. Cammack claims a new law forcing the county to prosecute all allegations of minor based sexual crimes, with or without substantiation is the cause for his current conviction. However, Cammock has consistently made slanderous statements about the victims and about the Sheriff’s department.

After the sentencing the Hogan family and their employees left the courtroom as did the victims and they’re families.  In the hallway and the elevator threats were made and cruel accusations.  Not by the victims.  But the Hogan’s.  One woman told a parent to “have more control over your slut”   and an stable employee threatened them with physical violence if they returned.  The Triple H Horse farm we presume. 

Due to the age of the victims, I cannot share the identity of the family. In December 2015 the family of victim x was looking into the possibility of signing their daughter up for horse riding lessons at the Triple H Horse Farm, owned by Hogan and his parents. They never got a chance to peruse anything past looking because on December 24th, 2015 Hogan added victim X to Instagram by seeing they had a mutual friend. Victim X who at the time of the incident was 14 years old.

The content of his messages was highly inappropriate for a 38-year-old man to send to a 14-year-old girl. He made comments about her appearance and body type, telling her that she looked older than she really was. Victim X told Hogan several times that she was only 14 and the conversation was inappropriate. She eventually became concerned enough to show her mother.

The context of the messages coupled with who they were coming from shocked her mother. Her mother went into the Montgomery County Sheriff’s department with the messages in hand demanding to file a complaint.  Her concerns where brushed off, minimized and ignored. Hogan’s attorney went as far as slandering the victim and her family by claiming that the messages were manufactured as retaliation over a boarding deal gone bad. However, victim X’s family never did business with Hogan or Triple H Horse Farm, they never inquired about doing business and had never met Mr. Hogan or any member of his family.  Despite feeling both frustrated and concerned, the family went on to live their lives as best they could. Several months went by no further communication from Mr. Hogan.

Randomly, unprovoked Mr. Hogan reached out to victim X sometime in February. The messages he sent were even more concerning. The messages mentioned him wanting to take her on trips, offering to buy her things but they became graphic. Mr. Hogan sent her a picture of her penis, yes, his penis also a video of him masturbating, just days before her 15th birthday. Even more concerning his own child’s foot appeared to be in the video of him masturbating.

Victim X’s mother took this new evidence to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office, and again it was ignored. They were not the first family to file complaints on Mr. Hogan, but they were the first family to decide they were not going to take this, they would not turn a blind eye on, and they would not stop until this man was locked up and unable to continue to victimize young impressionable girls. 

Hogan’s behavior escalated and became more concerning, threatening and stalking victim X. Taking all sense of security from the young victim. Victim X had never met Hogan in person; therefore, she didn’t even know who to look for when he was stalking her and sending her threatening messages.

Victim X was far from the only child that was subjected to Mr. Hogan’s perverted mind. Numerous allegations of him having sex with teenagers between the ages of 15-17, some from broken homes who thought that he genuinely cared about him. Also, numerous allegations about him going to Johnnie B Dalton’s, a Conroe location that host a weekly teen night. He would prey upon these teens, offer them meth, pills, XO’s, cocaine, pot or booze in exchange for sexual favors.

Many of these girls consented, however under Texas state law a minor cannot consent to sexual acts with an adult over 3 years older than them.  There is zero doubt he took advantage of these girls, their vulnerability and their teenage rebellion.

Two years passed before anything was done. Countless young girls were raped prior to victim X coming forward and countless after. What brought him down? According to court records Mr. Hogan had sexual contact with three girls training at the Triple H Horse Farm prior to December of 2017. All three girls met him through the horse farm and had contact with him on social media. December 5, 2017 he was finally apprehended, almost two years to the day of his initial contact with victim X. He was charged with two counts of sexual assault of a child, which held a potential penalty of 2-20 years. Hogan did not have any prior record, maybe because for years the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office ignored the complaints.

Hogan accepted a plea agreement of 5 years in a Texas state prison, instead of the ten years he deserved. His conviction finally came when it was proven in a court of law that he had lured a 15-year-old girl to a hotel room and engaged in sexual behavior with her, sadly the victim didn’t immediately come forward, so they were not able to obtain DNA evidence. It’s not unusual for a victim of a sexual crime to be too embarrassed to come forward. It’s a natural response for a victim to blame themselves and question their choices that lead to them being in those situations.

Nonetheless between the three victims the state was able to secure a conviction.  Victim x and her family attended the hearing, at one point they were in an elevator with Hogan’s family, where they verbally assaulted the victim calling a child names and attacking her claiming she was a liar.

Sam Cammack, the defense attorney has not only released slanderous comments about victim X and her family, making false allegations that her claims only came about because of a business deal gone bad despite never meeting the man in person prior to his arrest, but also releasing a slanderous press release against the Montgomery County Sherriff’s Department and Montgomery County district attorney, claiming Hogan’s prosecution and conviction only came about as some political scandal to destroy the Hogan families reputation in the community.

“At the time of Hogan’s arrest, his defense attorney made false allegations against our prosecutors and law enforcement — claiming we were investigating Hogan for some political gain or solely to disparage Hogan’s reputation in the community,” said Montgomery County Prosecutor Tyler Dunham. “This has become a well-known and worn out, and too frequently used excuse. Now that Hogan has pleaded guilty and admitted he sexually assaulted a child, the community can see the truth.”

A new Sherriff in town, Rand Henderson was sworn into office January 1, 2017. Rand joined the force in 1994, he worked his way through the ranks and has a list of degrees and accommodations. Rand’s predecessor was Sherriff Tommy Gage who held office from 2005 until he retired in 2016. Is Rand coming in to clean up the crime? Are his goals as Sheriff genuine? Was Sheriff Tommy Gage involved in the internal corruption or was he blissfully unaware?

Sheriff Tommy Gage was entered into the Montgomery County Sheriff Hall of Fame, On June 7th, 2019, along with every Sheriff who served before him since 1837. One can only hope that gone are the days the good old boys protected their own, covering up crimes and protecting predators. We may never know how many young girls have been victimized by Michael Hogan or the true extent of his crimes. We can only hope with his public arrest and conviction other victims come forward and those cases are thoroughly investigated.

Today victim x, y, z and others are a little older, they can’t be alone, they are scared of strangers, they can’t go outside without someone accompanying them. X was one of the lucky ones, because his contact was never physical, but Hogan has taken her sense of security and trust away.

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