Zero Tolerance

by Bob Herrington & Jack Coleman


The real issue here is that the children have been left without adult supervision.  Below you will find interaction between the City of Palestine’s previous two-time City Mayor and the current District 5 City Council Representative, Dana Goolsby.  What you are not seeing is the events prior to and after this exchange of wisdom on a social media platform.  The real issue is the rash of nasty text messages Dana Goolsby sent to Bob Herrington while he was on air doing his local morning radio show “Meddling in the Morning with Bob and Darla”.

Here is what we hope.  While Dana Goolsby is a public official using her personal cell phone for City Business these text messages are public information.  As the Freedom of Information Act relates the text messages from Goolsby personal phone seem to be, but let the fight for them begin.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Here is another interesting link:

“Echo chamber” is a highly popular belief that is locally aimed at those who question the status quo. Echo chamber by definition is “an environment in which a person encounters only beliefs or opinions that coincide with their own, so that their existing views are reinforced and alternative ideas are not considered.”

Over the years, its definition could be applied to city council ( remember the unified council movement) or even to the tourism board, the main street board etc. When you have multiple people serving on multiple boards and commissions, what are the odds you’ll actually have diversity of thought? Most likely we get government’s version of a true echo chamber.

As long as you promote popular beliefs you are a favored member of the local echo chamber society. It you raise questions, the dogma of the existing echo chamber accuses you of being “the out of touch echo chamber.” Life is about choices, so this is really pretty simple, which echo chamber will you choose to believe? Or. should you just choose your own path based on input from multiple echo chambers? What makes one echo chamber better that the others? Is it popularity?

Personally, I just consulted a lawyer due to circumstances arising from this morning’s radio show When a government official wants to dictate my freedom of speech, I have an issue with that. Reminds me of my eye rolling incident in October 2015 where I was accused by a local restaurant owner of “messing with his livelihood.” How interesting the same people then are now more than happy to be “messing with my livelihood,” by threatening my job.

Back then, all I did was exercise my right as mayor to bring names for board appointments to the city council. You would have thought I committed murder! I got taught a quick lesson in how local government works, not how it’s supposed to work! Funny, I’ve seen eye rolling by current members of council, apparently, they have short memories or they have personal echo chamber approval to proceed in a haphazard manner.


Dana Goolsby replied

Bob, you are without a doubt free to liken members of this community to the murderous cop who killed George Floyd in order to “entertain” people or attempt to make a point. I just thought it was in exceptionally poor taste, and I think most people would agree that using Floyd’s murder to make a point about your loathing of downtown and downtown business owners is pretty low class.

You’re also free to read texts from your friends suggesting that Mayor Presley or Councilman Jordan steal fuel from the city.

You are also free to put people down to build yourself up.

You’re free to discuss your body parts, or Darla’s— as you do on a regular basis.

You’re free to make wild accusations and spin tales to boost your “popularity”— something you’re completely obsessed with.

You’re also free to criticize council members when your own track record speaks for itself.

You’re free to run your mouth all over town, social media, and the radio… but… you still have to answer for it.

You’re free to terrorize employees who don’t funnel information to you, and you’re free to turn your head when your friends at city hall screw up, or even if they steal and don’t follow the policies you claim to hold so dear— when it serves you.

You’re free, Bob!

Now, when you want to talk to me like a big boy, to my face, call me and set up an appointment.

Bob Herrington retorted –

I don’t loathe downtown business owners, I loathe government’s refusal to let business owners pursue their dreams absent the rigid controls of many people who have never owned a business. And for the record, I never accused Mayor Presley nor city council member Jordan of stealing fuel. Given your state of anger, I’ll lay off for a while. The topic was a local citizen who is caught on security video tying into the electrical outlet at the Public Works facility. The vehicle was towed over the weekend. Those are the facts and can be backed up with evidence. You’ve read enough of my comments to know I follow the “Strong Towns” approach to city government. If that makes me a bad person, so be it. And as I admitted on the show this morning, and in years past, I’ve been a failure in many things, I haven’t been mayor for three years, perhaps it’s time to focus on the “now” and not the “\past.”

I notice you don’t mention the numerous city employees I have featured in photos proudly doing their jobs. Some of your allegations fall short based on reality. But that’s okay, I understand your anger. Thank you for the comments!



Upon reflection Bob offered the final word –

To avoid group think, don’t hang out in groups!… I’ve pretty much been a loner my whole life. Less stress for me, but “the group” goes bonkers. I’ve told you before, one of my regrets was not getting to watch you play college football when you were at Rice. I always appreciate your input! As far as I’m concerned, you should have been hired by the YMCA

Jack Coleman responds

City of Palestine Texas council member Dana Goolsby self-identified herself as a tyrant by attacking a local radio show host because she found the content offensive. The voice over of this video is the text of a letter used as public comment during the June 8, 2020 City Council meeting

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